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Jul 25, 2015

Photography By: Ryo Kaneta

Words By: Matthew Makarucha

Offset Kings Japan 2015 Official Coverage: July 12, 2015


Today we bring you, directly from Japan, our coverage of Offset Kings Japan 2015.  This coverage is special as it comes courtesy of Ryo Kaneta, one of our affiliates and dear friends over at USDMfreax Magazine in Japan.  USDMfreax magazine lives and breathes the USDM culture and is specially put out in Japan to showcase just that.  Japanese fascination of being a part of what drives us here in United States and Canada is immense.  Cars that pop out of Cali or the East Coast from the Tri state area are literally copied and mimicked in Japan by Japanese fans.  While USDM culture is huge in Japan and continuously growing, the same goes for the United States and Canada with our JDM fascination of what’s going on in Japan.  This special event is put on by Illest and no, its not just some decal that one can slap on their ride. It’s actually a famous clothing brand  that originated in California and a concept coined by Mark Arcenal.  Offset kings happens at Fuji Speedway Shizuoka prefecture, at the foot of Mount Fuji.  It became one of biggest car shows in Japan because the show is held in conjunction with formula drift.  Around 300 cars showed up to this event from all over japan.  The event has no particular category as there is a variety of vehicles in attendance.  A large selection of USDM, JDM, OLD SCHOOL, and K-car enthusiasts bring out their vehicles which feeds into to the visual desires of spectators.  This event truly brings out some pretty amazing cars.  We are huge fans of the Japanese car culture here at Canibeat and this event is definitely one to follow and check out in Japan (if you have the means to do so).  Its also amazing how Japan loves and appreciates the way USDM culture modifies cars and this event is a testimony to mutual respect and admiration we have for each other.  Enjoy our pictures of this awesome event.


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Jul 22, 2015

Photography By: Whitbeck Photo

Words By: Aleksey Royt

The Keys to Persistence: Tyler’s Purpose Built Subaru STI


Anyone who has seriously caught the mod bug knows (all too well) that it takes quite a bit of determination and devotion to sit down and plan a build. Plenty of steps and ideas are taken, scrapped, and re-taken in order to establish so much as a vague idea of the direction you want to go. Do I go for something that’s going to push the boundaries of what people believe is even possible or do I play it close to the chest and pursue a more traditional OEM+ type build? These are all questions we ask ourselves again and again as we scroll through countless forum threads, Google images, and blog posts such as this one. Below, you will find the account of someone just like you and I who sat down, planned out, and executed his dream with pure determination.

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Jul 11, 2015

Videography By: Anton Koher

Words By: Matthew Makarucha

Formula Drift Round #4 : THE GAUNTLET Official Video (Wall Township, NJ)

Formula_Drift_Round4 _THE_GAUNTLET_Official_Video_COVER

June 26-27th was the inaugural date of the East Coast’s Formula Drift Round #4 which is held at Wall New Jersey Speedway. Pure hardcore drifting at its finest is what Formula D is well know for and we just had to make it out and see what all the spectacular hype was all about.

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Jul 2, 2015

Photography By: Josh Davis, David Monzingo

Videography By: Ethan Watson, Josh Davis

Words By: Josh Davis

#GRIDLIFE (South Haven, Michigan): Official Coverage


An event has been forged that brings appreciation of heavy bass music and high performance driving to one centralized location and it goes by the name of #GRIDLIFE. A few of us met up at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan to experience this brilliant clash of action and ended up leaving with a jarring amount of desire for more. Read More

Jul 1, 2015

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Power of Dreams: The Honda Heritage Center (Marysville, Ohio)


So I recently turned 30, and for my birthday, my wife and parents organized a trip to Marysville, Ohio to visit the newly opened Honda Heritage Center.  This museum was created by Honda to celebrate the company’s pursuits in the North American market.

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Jun 26, 2015

Photography By: James Baxter

Words By: James Baxter

Wekfest Long Beach 2015: Official Coverage


Wekfest Long Beach seems to keep getting better and better each and every year and this year was no different. With hundreds of entrees from around California and many more from out of state, only the elite are accepted. What makes Wekfest great is the rarity of seeing this many high caliber cars at one time in one place. Wekfest Long Beach takes place right on the waterfront; Southern California around this time of year can get very hot so a location right on the water is something everyone can appreciate. With the Queen Mary overlooking everything in the background, the views are just as hot as the temperature. Wekfest is a truly amazing show, no matter the location. I encourage everyone to attend a Wekfest show no matter where you are. I can almost guarantee that anyone can find a car (or 75) that you’ll fall in love with at any Wekfest event. Whether you’re into crazy custom VIP builds, track monsters, or even subtle classics, Wekfest has something for everyone!

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Jun 18, 2015

Photography By: Matthew Makarucha

Videography By: Nikita Zolotarov, Anton Koher, Christiaan Cloete

Words By: Matthew Makarucha

ERTEFA 2015 (Markham, Ontario): Official Coverage


On the May 21 we were invited to Markham, Ontario to cover one of Canada’s largest car enthusiast events, ERTEFA. While in previous years the events were held at parking lots, exceeding their capacity, this year was a change as the event was held in an enclosed and organized venue, the Markham Fairgrounds. This way a larger amount of spectators were able to experience the event in a safe and controlled environment.  At ERTEFA you had an opportunity to witness an impressive line up of vehicles, hang out with friends and like-minded enthusiasts,  as well as check out stage entertainment and many vendors. Many greater Toronto area and surrounding car enthusiast clubs were well represented. Vehicles such as exotics, euro and jdm stanced cars, luxury VIP, domestics, race cars, off-road vehicles, camera cars, trucks and bikes were all present at this event which is why it was massive.

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Jun 18, 2015

Videography By: Mike Koziel

Words By: Mike Koziel

Southern Worthersee 2015 (Helen, GA): Official Video


An hour and a half north of Atlanta lies Helen Georgia, a small town of 450 residents well-known for its Bavarian architecture and humble setting. VAG enthusiasts know it for something more though. An event that’s so large the population rises from 450 to nearly 20,000 in just one weekend. An event so large that people from across the world travel to experience it.
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Jun 18, 2015

Photography By: Cristian Loza, James Baxter

Words By: Cristian Loza

Wekfest Los Angeles 2015: The 2,288 Mile Adventure


The best part about traveling to car shows in different cities is being able to explore those cities and their culture. We have always been fortunate enough to have the luxury of being shown around by local friends whenever we attend shows all over the country. Trying new places to eat, seeing iconic landmarks, and visiting shops is what it’s all about! This year for our annual Wekfest Los Angeles trip we did a ton of exploring and had our best trip yet while doing Canibeat! This post is dedicated to almost everything we got into while in Southern California. We will have a full separate coverage for the car show itself coming very soon but until then, we hope you enjoy these pictures from our trip!

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Jun 11, 2015

Photography By: Chris Cooper, Evan Lanham

Words By: Josh Davis

Southern Worthersee 2015 (Helen, Georgia): Official Coverage


It’s set in stone and there’s no point in sugar coating it–SOWO is dead, and new doors are being unlocked and opened to build the future for the next best euro event/gathering in the South East. We could analyze the factors as to why SOWO’s grave was dug out within the hills of beautiful Helen, Georgia, but instead we’ll eat the accusations, wash ‘em down with the facts, and appreciate the development and execution of an event that has brought thousands of enthusiasts happiness for the last nine years.

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