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Feb 23, 2010

Corey ♥s Burnouts

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted up my ‘What helps make a picture awesome’ series, and I think this is my favorite of all, the burnout. Small ones, smokey ones, long ones, serious ones, it’s all sweet. I’m not really a big fan of going fast and going 150mph in cars that were never meant to see those speeds, but something that is safe (sometimes) is a good burnout.

Just the sight, smell and sound of a burnout is normally what attracts me to them, and a well executed picture helps capture the moment. I mean, even little kids love burnouts, no matter the make of model of the car, burnouts satisfy all needs.

ALSO! If you have good burnout pics you can send them to me at corey@canibeat.com or post them in the comments! I would love to see them..

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