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I sometimes struggle to write about the events that I didn’t attend, or the cars I didn’t shoot, and owners I’ve never met.  It’s been two weeks since the event (I know I know) and after taking a little time to recover and take it all in I thought this would be an easy feature to write, after all this was our event, right?  When I sat down though I still found myself asking “where do I even begin?”.

Over the past year we have had the opportunity to travel to many events, and cover even more through the eye’s of our photographers all over the country. With our vacation days scheduled around shows, road trips we’ll never forget, and countless friends we have made along the way. I thought to myself, what better way to wrap up our first year than hosting our first event?  Their weren’t many events on our calendar for the rest of the year, and to be honest never having planned or hosted an event I wanted to see what we were capable of.  So I started thinking…

Living in the Northeast I knew we didn’t have too much time to plan this before it got too cold out and people were either putting their cars in “winter mode” or in storage for the winter.  Some people suggested “Just wait until spring or summer…” but for whatever reason I felt like if there was one thing we had to do before the end of our first year online this was it.   Now we could have easily thrown together some parking lot or track event but if we were going to do this I wanted to start off with a unique venue.  There will always be a place for those track side events with crappy overpriced food, and GTG’s at parking garages and fast food joints where someone inevitably does something stupid and the cops kick us out, but some of my favorite and most memorable events are the ones that break the mold and show a little more thought and creativity.

As a photographer I’ve spent many summer days baking in the sun of parking lots and snapping photos of cars that deserve much more then well, “a parking lot pic”.  So I started thinking of locations that might work in the tri-state area… then one day on my way into work after having thrown around a bunch of ideas with friends, I was sitting in traffic and a plane took off over head.  I looked to my left and it hit me… an airport!  It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park but after a few visits to the airport and follow up phone calls, the owners of Princeton Airport became familiar with the line “Hi it’s Dave, with the car show…” and realized I was actually serious about the idea.  Soon there after we finalized everything with the airport and we had our unique venue!

Now as much as I would have loved to fill the runway and every unused inch of the airport, that wasn’t an option and our space was somewhat limited.  So after some careful thought and consideration it was decided that our first Canibeat event would be a fitment/stance event.  Now while we may post our fair share of aggressively fitted cars, we still appreciate the classics, the functional, and everything in between.  Some may say the whole “stance thing” is a trend, something that will pass in time.  Hell I’ll be the first to admit it may not be for everyone, or wait is it?  Although a bunch of us from Canibeat are Honda guys one thing we love about fitment & stance is that it has created a common thread amongst the JDM, Euro, VIP, and sometimes even domestic scenes that in the past didn’t share much if any similarities at all.  Only problem is, in the Northeast there has never been one event that has brought us all together.  So with quality and variety our top priorities, we present First Class Fitment! We’ll let you be the judges of the scene here in the Northeast…

I figured what better way to start things off then a video from our Canibeat video man Kenny Cano!

Canibeat Present First Class Fitment from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.


We had our buddies from Futurewalk Entertainment come up from Virginia to DJ the event. They were burning discs throughout the day of the mixes they put together for the event, but if you didn’t get one you can listen to them and download them on SoundCloud!

djJimmy James – Can I Rap – Can I Dubstep

After all the to do lists, and going back and forth with Roy and Tek making sure we had all the bases covered, I had this hope that I would have enough free time to walk around and cover the event for the site or if nothing else just for memories sake.  I even rented a lens for the event, but at the end of the day I ended up being  so busy that the only photo I took was an iPhone pic.  I was a little bummed out but after seeing all of the great coverage from our friends I thought, why not showcase First Class Fitment with photos from a bunch of photographers with differing styles, similar to the variety of cars and different styles we had in attendance.

First Class Fitment may have been one of the last events of the year for most people but for some it was just the first…

With a handful of cars like Waldo’s s13, Nathan from Canibeat’s S14, and Greg’s GTI (seen above) which all came together just weeks or days before the event.  To Tane’s SC making it’s debut sitting on 19×9.5 and 19×10.5 Formula Zero Blue CE28N’s.  We really appreciate the effort these guys made to get their cars together for FCF.

We struggled with the idea of calling First Class Fitment a “show”, we didn’t want any classes, or judges and score sheets.  We wanted a laid back and chill environment and if we were going to hand out any awards at all we didn’t want to give out any of those 0.99¢ plastic throwaway trophies.  Well after talking to my buddy Dan at CCW about the event and discussing how he could help support, we came up with 5 special awards for our picks for Best JDM, Best Euro, Best VIP, Best Fitment, and Best of Show.


As cars arrived throughout the morning I really couldn’t believe the quality and variety… Probably one of the lowest widest R35’s out there, the Highgrade GT-R sports 21×13 rears from ADV.1 wheels!

Another favorite of mine was Will from Highgrade’s Imola Red E46 which sat damn near perfect on these Work Metal Buffed 3pc. Meister’s.

Ryan Ramnarain from the Eat Sleep Race crew was the only person to have two cars in attendance, and was another person to debut some major changes to his recently resprayed and RHD converted IS300.  I wish we could have filmed the reactions throughout the day to the MASSIVE turbo on this thing! haha

Then we go to the hanger… a full service airplane repair hanger Monday through Friday, but the day of the event it was reserved for a handful of our favorite cars from each genre.  First off, my buddy Tom’s shaved and bagged MkV GTI on CCW Classics with me and all my PA friends in the background, haha. 

Next up was our good friend Miro’s breathtaking s2000.  Miro’s unique mix of colors and insane fitment is truly one of a kind!

Outside the hanger our good friends (from left to right) Tek, Paul, and Aaron represented CCW with three different 3pc. CCW wheels on their cars.

The East Sleep Race guys stayed busy throughout the day covering the event with their video crew.  Looking forward to see that!

I was all over the place throughout the day, and I’m sure those of you who were in attendance saw me making trips up and down the driveway all day.  Well here’s a snap of my Si…

I loved the variety in the entrance to the show area…

For the past 3 years I have made the trip each spring to Richmond, Virgina for the annual East Coast Honda meet and to chill with my buddies from the Special Agency crew.  Well I finally gave them a reason to make a trip up to New Jersey!  Chris and Justin made the roughly 6 hour drive up to support and take some amazing pics, thanks guys!

Chris even took out his flashes to cover the event! Above,  a better look at Ryan’s Is300’s bay.


And here both Ryan’s chrome dipped VS-XX’s and his 19″ Mag Blue TE37’s on his TT Supra!

Justin from Special Agency’s AP1 on 18×9.5″ Enkei NT03’s w/ Justin in the background there.

A cool shot of Cristian from Canibeat’s EP next to Leon Rainbow and the Canibeat booth.

We weren’t exactly planning on having this guy open his hanger and work on his plane, but it made for a cool backdrop!

Although a few cars that were expected to attend were no-shows, cars like this Aston Martin Vantage from crew more than made up for them.  I hope to do more work with these guys and showcase more of the Northeast super car scene for you guys next year!

Another hanger car and winner of “Best of VIP” was Smitty’s beautiful M45. As if I didn’t already love this car enough when it was sitting on Junction Produce Heritage III’s, Smitty really took it to a whole ‘nother level with the pulled front and rear fenders which retain the stock flat section, and the new Work D3S’s which all sit perfectly together!

You know that amazing promo shot for First Class Fitment? BIG thanks to Tek for all of his help and patience with me as I bounced just about every idea for the event off of him!

A Northeast fitment event would not be complete without the Stunnr Guys bringing out the 4UDrew S15 and Evo!

And representing the functional yet aggressive stance, was Dave Paster with his Twin GT30R Porsche sporting a brand new set of CCW Lm5’s with 18×12.5 rears w/ 315/30/18’s!  It may not have been the lowest or flushest European car in attendance, in fact I know it wasn’t.  However, Dave’s attention to detail and mix of both form and function took our vote for the “Best of Euro” award!

You remember me saying this was Waldo’s first real show of the year, well after spending a lot of time re-doing the bay on the car this year, Neo-Chroming everything down to the bolts on his ARC oil cap and Oil catch can, and running into some motor issues.  I was happy to see Waldo make the long trek up from Virginia, and leave with “Best of JDM”! 

A BIG thanks goes out to our buddy’s Tommy and Alex Bednarik for all of their help throughout the day!  Here’s a nice shot of Tommy’s wagon on what are commonly confused for BBS’s RS’s but are actually a rare set of Ray’s Payton Places!

I think it’s safe to say that First Class Fitment left many people inspired to take their cars to the next level, or in some cases maybe start a new project.  Here is a nice shot of Eric Nom’s widebody RX-7, I’ve been told that since FCF Eric has moved his 18×12 3pc. Meister rears to the front and is planning on ordering some wider more aggressive rears for next year, I can’t wait to see that!

A local friend who was also very excited to have an event focused on Quality over Quantity was Lester the owner of this White, 6spd TSX, with 18×10 CCW Classics all around and Spoon Monoblocks tucked behind them.

Stuffer’s G37 coupe is the perfect example of how the stance movement has brought us together.  While most guys bagging G’s or Z’s will run a UV Air bag over coil, or Air Runner setup.  Stuffer is running custom Bagyard Bilstein struts from one of our FCF sponsors Open Road Tuning!

Now I can’t forget Liberty VIP… If there was an award for best crew, it would have hands down gone to them.  With members who came from as far as Boston to DC, and over a dozen of the East Coasts finest VIP cars  in attendance these guys really brought the heat!  Between having multiple cars under the knife at any given time throughout the year, and being so spread out, this was Liberty’s largest showing of the year! BIG thanks to Bobby, Agi, Chris, and Dave for getting the whole crew together for First Class Fitment.  I can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next year, and I look forward to sharing it all with our viewers!

One of the cars I couldn’t wait to see in person was Mike’s CL500 on D2 Forged wheels.  Glad he was able to make the trip all the way from Boston!

Two other favorites from the event and coincidentally the centerpieces to the entrance of the hanger were Brendan’s much anticipated, completely custom Q45, on the left, and Ty’s Junction Produce GS which happened to be the winner of our Canibeat Choice Award at Englishtown’s 2010 Fall National’s.

And rounding out the hanger cars was Rudi’s turbo’d, resprayed, and re-wrapped R32 on DPE’s.  In a group of some of the finest cars in the Northeast Rudi’s car still stands out as one of my favorites.  If you’ve never heard this thing backfire, you’re missing out!


Our good friend Kevin was home on leave from the Air Force and made the trip up from Virginia with the guys to help out.  It was good seeing you man, and best of luck at your new base in Florida!


A close up of the “Best of Show” award, a  fully polished CCW Classic center with a custom engraved Canibeat centercap.  Again a huge thanks to Dan and Phil from CCW for making this possible!

The entire Eat Sleep Race crew was rocking a fresh pair of Nike’s except one slacker! lol

Steve’s Vortech supercharged Z sitting pretty on Mag Blue CE28N’s.

Another angle of Ty’s GS and Brendan’s completely custom half Q45 half Mercede’s front bumper!

In an attempt to incorporate more of our Culture into the event I asked a friend and well known local graffiti artist Leon Rainbow to come out and show case some of his work and do a piece for us during the show.  As much I would have liked to see him do what he does best with a blank wall and some cans, we decided that wasn’t the best idea with all the cars and people around.  So instead he painted this dope piece for us, thanks again Leon! 

Little did we know that when we decided to name one of the awards “Best Fitment”, how hard it would have been to make that decision with such a great showing for our first event.  Now the idea of “best fitment” is obviously very subjective, after all everyone has different preferences and some styles work with certain cars while others don’t.  When we were thinking of what car to present this award to, we were looking for someone who has pushed the limits within their respective make and model.  So with that said we believe Miro’s daily driven s2000 has really broken the mold and pushed the limits of what people ever thought to be possible, while somehow still remaining tasteful and well executed.   We couldn’t think of a more humble deserving guy to present this award to, congrats buddy! 

Miro accepting his award from Cristian! haha

Now onto the “Best of Show” award…

Although the right wheels and drop go a long way, we can’t forget that there is so much more to a car.

When deciding who to award “Best of Show” we were looking for the most well rounded car in attendance, the car that not only had the fitment, but the interior, exterior, and performance enhancements to bring together the total package.  After being off the road and kept hush hush for the past two plus years, Dimitri Tsougas made his show debut with the first ever fully tucked, shaved, and heavily built Bugeye WRX.  With a mod list nearly a mile long, every nut and bolt either powder coated or chrome dipped, a beautiful BASF paint job, and a combination of some of the rarest JDM pieces availble.  Dimitri’s bug eye was our choice for “Best of Show”!

Don’t be confused by the shiny engine bay and bright paint, once tuned this car will make upwards of 700awhp on pump gas.  I LOVE the functional yet aggressive stance of the car with the BBF Metal Finish 18×9.5’s,  pulled rear quarter panels, minimal camber, and 255’s all around!


One last look at the hanger setup from the inside looking out!

After handing out all the awards and the show came to an end Brendan managed to snap a few sweet shots as the sun set!

The Liberty crew in the Hanger!

Even after all of the planning this event would not have run as smoothly as it did without the help of our friends and family.  We love you guys and thank you so much for your continued support!



Eric Chandler, Joe Dantone, Ryan Krukowski, Brendan Lester, Ian Kosiek, Matt Nugent, Justin Price, and Chris Sempek


Kenny Cano


djJimmy James


David Tormey

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This is just the beginning… Until First Class Fitment 2011!

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