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Jul 24, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Import Alliance 2011 Summer Meet: A West Coast Perspective

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (182)

Ask the people who know me and they’ll tell you I’m a scene guy. I love the car scene. The lifestyle, culture, people and everything else that the car scene provides is what got me into automotive photography, not just the cars themselves. So given that, I spontaneously decided to venture out to the east coast for Import Alliance 2011 summer meet after hearing just how big the turn out would be. All I can say is, I was very pleasantly surprised and shocked at what the east coast had to offer.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (2)
Being that I’m from the west coast, which is considered one of the pinnacle car capitols in the car scene world, I honestly admit that I flew out to the east coast not expecting much. That’s not to say that I thought the east had nothing to offer, I just didn’t think the east coast car scene would have such a huge following. I was very surprised by the quality of cars and turnout of the event. In my opinion, there is way more bonding that goes on in the east coast. No wonder they call it Import “Alliance”. I witnessed long time friends come together again even though they live 5 states away from each other. People are not afraid to be friendly. I was offered a non-stop supply of chicken and beer and that’s all I had throughout the weekend. It’s just one big party, from the hotels to the meet itself.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (4)
I guess since on the west coast there’s a car show almost every other week and plenty of car meets in between, people are more in it for the cars while the people themselves get divided into their own small groups. In stark contrast to the west, east coast meets/shows are held more sparingly so people cherish their time with friends together. I just want to say to the west coast that if, you ever doubted the car scene on the east coast, don’t. Take a look at what the east had to offer. They came out strong and ready. It’s no wonder part of Fast Five was filmed around the area.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (16)
Like I said, people just connect. I saw a glimpse of home in this engine bay. I’ve heard that a lot of Southern California guys moved out to the east coast.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (19)

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (22)

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (23)

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (24)

And I thought CCWs were prevalent on the west coast, but CCW had one of the larger display areas of the meet. Great to see some finishes that I’ve never even seen before.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (26)

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (37)

import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (40)

This blue NSX is to die for. 
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (43)

The white S2k with Lambo wheels that I’ve only seen countless times online. It actually looks great in person. Props to the owner for having the balls to do it.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (45)

I always thought Wrong Fitment Crew was a west coast thing. I thought wrong. This car was riding along the caravan that I was with from Georgia.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (47)

There wasn’t a lot of VIP and the quality of VIPs that attended the show weren’t what I’m used to, but these are not too shabby.
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (50)

Classic JDM all the way out on the east coast? Who from the west coast would have thought?
import_alliance_summer_meet_2011 (52)

Editor: John Zhang