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Luxury Class: BMW 528i F10

When people refer to luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus, they automatically think classy. Of course there are those who also think performance hence the M, AMG, and F line ups that are infused into these luxury brands. Many even go as far as to argue that only the performance line ups should be modified. However, what does that leave everyone else who buys a seemingly non-performance based luxury car with? A car that should not be modified? The answer is no. Anyone can and should be able to modify their car in anyway they see fit no matter what generalizations there are about the brand or wheel base. This is the exact mindset that Evan, the owner of this new BMW 528i goes by.

Keeping in mind that not too many will modify BMW 5-series, the aftermarket parts that are available for this 528i are extremely scare. As a result the demand is low and the parts that are available are extremely pricey. It didn’t stop Evan though, since he purchased parts directly from Japan. 3D Design is a reputable Japan based aftermarket BMW tuner that has produced world class BMW race cars. Evan wanted a slice of JDM sportiness infused with his OEM aftermarket parts. He made this car look sporty while keeping BMW classiness in mind.



  • 3D Design M-sport front lip
  • 3D Design carbon fiber splitters
  • 3D Design carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • OEM M-sport front bumper with shaved reflectors
  • OEM 550i kidney grilles
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    While the 5-series is not considered a performance-base car, Evan still enjoys cruising in style. The Rennen wheels and his suspension of choice proves just that. While shooting the rolling shots, his car caught a lot of attention and turned many heads.

    Wheels and Suspension


  • 21” Rennen RM7 Extreme Concave 3-piece forged wheels
  • Falken FK452 tires – 255/30/21 fronts and 295/25/21 rears
  • CKS Coilovers
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  • Custom quad exhaust by Royal Muffler
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    This car is definitely a looker that should be considered luxurious with a touch of sportiness.

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