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Minty Fresh: Adam’s EG Civic

You’ve got to feel for Civic owners at a big show like last weekend’s Import Alliance. No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into the car, there is inevitably going to be some other example that’s gone bigger, badder, lower, wider, cleaner, faster, more JDM, more stanced, more you-fill-in-the-blank. The guy with the brand new GT-R, however, pulls right into a front row space with little more than a new set of wheels and a mild drop. Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone, or that it’s a reason to cry foul: when one chooses the poster-child for the entire import scene, it’s going to take some serious brainstorming to stand out (in a positive way) from the endless Honda sea. Shock value won’t cut it. Different for the sake of different gets a wave and chuckle, but is quickly forgotten by even the keenest observer. In the little time that I spent talking with Adam Phan about his Civic, I realized that he understood that concept. His philosophy for the car wasn’t to turn the scene upside-down, or launch some new trend; rather, he just set out to build a Civic that would make him happy and turn a few heads in the process.

To be completely honest, Adam isn’t breaking any new ground here. The Civic’s style, while relevant and contemporary, is pretty textbook on paper. CCW’s are a staple (albeit a recent one) in the Honda world, spotless bays are a near requirement, and the swap is straight JDM. But as I followed him out of the stadium, he left a trail of more broken necks than Zach Snyder battle scene. Granted, there are some top-shelf parts here: a BackYard Special front lip and authentic Spoon rear lip adorn the exterior. Those mirrors, admittedly Adam’s favorite part of the car, are Vision Type DC pieces. That eye-catching paint is a Mint Green Metallic, while the bay has been sprayed a complimentary silver metallic.

Not to be a one-trick show pony, Adam’s attention to detail and overall design pervades throughout the car. The interior is tidy, the swap is clean, and the go is there to back up the show. Parts that are prone to wear and tear in a car like this (especially for a daily driver) are clean and well-maintained. Adam is obviously a person that has poured his heart, soul, and mind into his car, and spend more than a few sleepless nights hunched over an engine bay or face up on a concrete floor.

So what’s the the secret to taking an also-ran back-of-the-lot Civic to an underdog stand-out? Disposable income? Engineering genius? Sure, but as helpful as those are, they will only get you so far. I think that if you asked Adam Phan, you’d get a soft-spoken, humble answer that focused on a healthy mix of perseverance, patience, and creativity. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are fresh Civics like Adam’s.





  • Mint Green Metallic (Car paint)
  • BackYard Special Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Authentic Spoon Rear Spoiler
  • Vision Type DC Side Mirrors
  • OEM Honda Window Visors
  • OEM Stanley Clear Fog lights




  • CCW Classic Race Version
  • 16 x 8.5 +10 Offset
  • Falken Ziex512 205/40/16





  • Complete JDM B16A SiR-II
  • 2000 Integra Type R Flywheel
  • Exedy OEM replacement clutch
  • 2000 Intergra 4-1 Header
  • Blox Test Pipe
  • Fujitsubo Legalis-R Exhaust System
  • Benen Polished Header Heatshield
  • Silver Metallic Painted Engine Bay
  • Engine Harness Wiretuck
  • Polished Fuel Rail
  • Polished Innovative Motor Mounts
  • Dipped Chrome Valve Cover
  • Silver Metallic Painted Intake Manifold
  • Fluidyne Radiator
  • Spoon Radiator Cap
  • Type R Brake Booster
  • Type R Brake Master Cylinder
  • Current-Skunk2 Coilovers/Skunk2 Sport Shocks
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Kit
  • Blox Rear Camber Kit
  • 2001 Integra GS-R Rear Lower Control Arms
  • 2001 Integra GS-R Rear Sway Bar
  • 2001 Integra GS-R Front Brakes
  • Inlinefour Spec 4.1 Stainless Steel Brake Lines





  • Vertex Limited Edition 10TH Anniversary 330MM Blue Stitch Steering Wheel
  • NRG Short Hub Adapter
  • NRG Quick Release
  • NRG Steering Wheel Lock
  • Bride Brix 2 Seat
  • Takata Long 4 Pt Harness
  • Dual Bend Short Shifter
  • Skunk2 440gram Shift Knob
  • DEFI Blue Racer Oil/Water Pressure Gauge
  • AEM UEGO Wideband
  • Autometer Dual Gauge Pod


Adam would like to thank:

Sisaket Paint and Body

My friends and family for their support that I needed to get where it is now

I would also like to give a shout out to TEAMV2LAB

  • Skwirtle

    Always loved this car!! Adam doing it big =)

    teamv2lab ftw!!

  • Mike_paz

    Hell yeah my boy adam doing it big! putting jax in the map! came a long way. i still got you on my phone as adam red hatch lmao.

  • gettinit

    Adam, like i told you before bro. Car has came along way since i omoved here. Congrats bro.

  • Guy12345

    definition of clean.

  • Max

    I hate when guys like you bash on me for being young with a GT-R. I pulled up front because that’s where I was told to go… And I question your car expertise because my car isn’t dropped and it has a lot more than just rims…

  • ezed

    hi where can iget those wheels.. kinda hard to find here in malaysia..

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