Mission Accomplished VIP GS

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Mission Accomplished: Mark Naylor’s Wild VIP GS300

The internet has completely reinvented the way we as auto enthusiasts approach modified cars. Whereas there were previously maybe a dozen or so national magazines that showcased maybe 8-10 cars a month, it’s entirely possible to be exposed to that many full features in a single day now.  And that’s not even including the builds that one can follow on the forums, or the random shots dumped on Tumblr, Flickr, and Facebook. Cars rise to popularity in a matter of hours, and often are forgotten with the click of a mouse. Trends that once may have lasted years phase out in a matter of months.  Everything is moving faster; changing and evolving right before our eyes. Cars are bought, wheels are mounted, photos are taken, car is sold: whatever it takes for 15 minutes of e-fame. Full builds are almost a relic of the past; a dusty old practice from a time when exposure was a rare commodity, and only the best of the best got big attention. After all, if all it takes to get a feature is a drop and a rare set of wheels, why spend tens of thousands of dollars customizing your car? Mark Naylor can tell you why.

Lexus GS Grill

Weds Kranze Vishu

Junction Produce Fusa

Mark began work on the GS in 2004. Things were different back then. Cars were built for shows, and shows were loud, bright, and crazy; and this Lexus followed suit. Mark admits, “When I decided to build a show car in 2004 I went the DUB/Tuner direction with flashy paint, lambo style doors and a flashy audio system. After 5 years on the scene and a lot of education gained from experience, friends and forums, I discovered the VIP style. . .so I started planning the version we have now.” Don’t miss that. The car was essentially complete. Tons of time, money, and hard work were already invested in the car. And Mark wanted to flip-flop to the VIP style. For those that aren’t aware, this change isn’t a matter of swapping some badges and headlights, and picking up some new wheels. You might be able to hop from JDM to Stanced by cranking down your coilovers in your driveway and picking up some spacers from Autozone, but you don’t go from Xtreme Show Car to VIP in a day. It meant starting over.

Mikes VIP GS

Supercharged Lexus GS

Kranze Vishnu

Mark did his homework on the VIP scene. Before he even touched a bolt on the car, he was joining the right forums, reading the right magazines, and paying attention to the right people. Mark understood that the build was going to be a learning process, for both himself and those helping him.  He recounts, “The most difficult and challenging part of the build was trying to educate [Traffic Jams Motorsports] on VIP styling and ensuring that we were on the same page as far as my vision for the car.” Mark gave the shop VIP magazines, made countless phone calls, and drove the 190 mile trip many times to ensure that progress was going as planned. Needless to say, they pulled it off in a big way.  He hopes that his “car will put Traffic Jams on the map and give VIP enthusiasts in the south a dependable and capable shop to turn to for our needs.”

Dashmounted iPad

Vertex Proprius Shift Knib

Junction Produce Curtains

Mark’s car is not a purist’s VIP GS, obviously. The blue is probably too bright and the body kit probably too aggressive; but the car is pure Mark. You see, he didn’t move on because his show car wasn’t trendy. He didn’t get called a ricer, cry hater, and proceed to build a cookie-cutter car anyways. Mark found a style, did his research, and began the evolution with patience, perseverance, and an eye on the mission at hand.  The result is simply extraordinary. Mark, mission accomplished my friend, Mission Accomplished.

VIP Lexus Stereo

EFX Subwoofers

Traffic Jams


Mark would give a shout out to Team EST and thank his sponsors:

  • Traffic Jams Motorsports
  • Scosche
  • Nexen
  • Kinetik Audio
  • Flynn’s Detailing Products
  • Advanced Automotive Concepts
  • Assaultech Performance
  • 3rd and Twentieth Studios

Most importantly, he thanks his wife Joi for her love and support!





  • House Of Kolors Kandy Cobalt Blue Paint
  • Silk Blaze Roof Spoiler
  • Vertex 4-Piece Body Kit
  • Explosion Rear Spoiler
  • Chrome Grille
  • Black Suede Headline
  • Glow Shift Gauges and Custom Gauge Pod
  •  Puddle Lights
  •  Custom VIP Table by VIP’d Out
  • Chrome Door Handles
  • Vertex Proprius Shift Knob
  • Turn Signal Mirrors w/Puddle Light
  • Advanced Automotive Concepts HIDs
  • Advanced Automotive Concepts Halos
  • Junction Produce Curtains
  • Junction Produce Fusa
  • Junction Produce Kituna




  • TEIN CS Coilovers
  • Universal Air Suspension Air Ride
  • Grip Force Drilled & Slotted Rotors
  • Color Matched Calipers
  • Dakota Digital Air Ride Management System





  • Weds Kranze Vishnu Wheels front 20×9 rear 20×11




  • Myron & Davis 7” Headrest Monitors
  • Custom Audio Enclosure
  •  2 TV Monitors (trunk)
  • 2 Scosche EFX 12” Subs (trunk)
  • 1 Scosche EFX Mono Amp 1000w (trunk)
  • 1 Scosche EFX 4CH Amp 800w (trunk)
  •  2 Scosche EFX  6 ½ speakers (trunk)
  • Apple iPad
  • Kinetik Audio KHC3800 Power Cell (trunk)
  • Kinetik Audio KIPS12-80 Power Converter (trunk)
  • Scosche EFX Audio cables and wiring components
  • Wii gaming system
  • Video Camera





  • SRT Intake w/ECU
  • Tanabe Super Medallion Exhaust
  • AAP Custom Super Charger Kit Featuring HKS Rotrex Super charger
  • Kinetik Audio KHC1800 Power Cell


  • Will

    I saw this car at the XDC/Remix show in Charlotte! I saw it as it was pulling in and thought “Lextasy? This dude is nuts.” Then I actually got to see the inside of it and the car is just absolutely incredible! If you get to see it in person, it truely is an experience!

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