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Nisei Week Showoff Car Show 2011

This past weekend I attended Nisei Week Showoff Car Show 2011. The quality of turn was great last year so I knew that it would be just as great if not better this year. What makes the Nisei car show so enticing is the selection of JDM (and a few Euro) cars that show. If you like clean JDM and VIP style cars this is the show to attend.

So sorry, couldn’t resist. I just had to post this clean BMW E30 M3 on BBS as the first image.

This S is on bags believe it or not.

The best thing about the Nisei car shows is that a large amount of VIP style cars come out and this year was no different.

OMG!!! Han?!? Han spotting.

Royal Origins x Low Ballers coming out hard. Busting lips and oil pans from Socal to Vegas and back again. We love you guy’s cars!

A very clean Civic. Owned by the guy who wears a Deadmaus head around. I didn’t catch him this time around.

A very nice box, the interior is even more impressive.

Something you don’t see everyday. A VIP style influenced RX300. The owner of this car was very proud of it and should be because it is so unique. This one caught my attention.

Miatas came out low.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I certainly loved it. A unique S15 front end conversion. The carbon fiber bits and blue accents flow so well. I really wouldn’t mind shooting this. So let the owner know to get in touch!

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  • AaronK

    Wow. I remember when there was talk of this show never happening again. Looks like it came back with a vengeance. But CLEARLY Nisei is no longer just about Hondas, some other rides are PUTTIN IN WORRRK!! That Vertex-widened SC300 made me mess my pants. Feature please? btw I love how you guys got the butt of that white Eclipse, the engine bay of the white Eclipse, but NOT the white Eclipse lol that car looked clean too

  • DT

    Do you have more pictures of the VIP RX300 or know where I can see more of it at?

  • Jeff Carlisle

    Who’s red miata is that… I want more pictures!!!

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