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Aug 10, 2011

Photography By: Marcus Cooke, John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

SPOCOM Anaheim 2011


Last weekend Marcus and I both attended SPOCOM in Anahiem at the Anaheim Convention Center. SPOCOM is not only a car show, but also a model convention too which is why my last post was an all models post. We thought that the quality of cars that attended were phenomenal and wish we could of captured everything . Cars from out of state such as Texas and Nevada came to show too. Quality builds were everywhere in Anaheim last weekend!

spocom_anaheim (175)
Sorry couldn’t resist posting up a BMW first, this is the first time I’ve see this murdered BMW with CSL BBS wheels.
spocom_anaheim (176)

spocom_anaheim (180)
Marcus always comes through with amazing detail shots of every car.
spocom_anaheim (181)

spocom_anaheim (185)

spocom_anaheim (187)

spocom_anaheim (194)We are totally in love with this car and it’s wheel fitment. A feature is a must.

spocom_anaheim (200)High End always comes out big to show a full fleet of quality cars.

spocom_anaheim (205)VIP inspired Prius… very nice.

spocom_anaheim (208)Most cars had clean bays, this one was just an example of how they looked. We could stand there and stare at this for days.

spocom_anaheim (224)

spocom_anaheim (233)Plenty of quality cars to choose from.

spocom_anaheim (240)

spocom_anaheim (32)

spocom_anaheim (41)

Editor: John Zhang