Never Enough Turbo tC

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Turbo tC: Never Enough

Glor Delisio and her Turbo Scion tC have ventured on a journey that many car enthusiasts in the pursuit of “just a little more “ have been on. It starts with a few bolt ons but by the end you have gotten to where pretty much everything on the car has been tweaked, modded, or flat out replaced. Even then, you sit there looking at your car thinking about what you are going to do next because of that one minute detail.

Slammed tC on Work Meisters

Slammed tC

tC Poking Rim

Work Meister

The 2007 Release Series TC you see sitting here now is actually Glor’s second as she originally had a 2006 Release Series but it was claimed by a Semi. She started off sticking to naturally aspirated power but got to the point where she realized after going through a few NA set ups she need boost to get the power she was seeking. The car currently dynos at 305 whp/293.7 wtq which Glor claimed is enough for her but we’ll just see what the future holds for this motor.

Stanced tC

Turbo tC

Sparco Seats

Sparco Seats

The reason she has decided that those numbers are good enough for her turbo tC is because she has it slammed down on a set of Work Meister and when sitting that low you can only go so fast. To get the TC sitting exactly how she wanted, she threw on 25mm spacers on all four corners and then worked on the body to get these Meisters fitted in there. The end result is a TC that has a mean stance to go along with the beast under the hood.

MOMO Wheel tC

Turbo tC

Kenstyle Body Kit

tC Turbo manifold

With the power to the wheels and the way this Scion sits, I’m sure it blows some minds when a girl hops out of it and Glor has done more than prove that girls can build a sick car that we can all be jealous of. Even though the car is already a jaw-dropper, I’m sure Glor will be changing it up all the time and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the TC.

Autometer C2 Gauges Scion tC

Adam Saruwatari Signed Sparco Seats

Stanced Scion tC

Turbo tC Rolling Shot



Power & Engine


  • Dyno’d at 305whp / 293.6wtq
  • Greddy Evo 2 Cat Back Exhaust
  • Megan Racing Mid Pipe
  • Agency Power Light Weight Crank Pulley
  • Greddy Air Diversion Panel
  • TRD Black Chrome Edition Strut Bar
  • TRD Radiator Cap
  • AEM Oil Cap
  • OBX Racing Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • White Engine Bay Lighting
  • Mitsubishi 18G Turbo
  • Greddy / Trust Intercooler Piping
  • Greddy / Trust FMIC
  • Greddy / Trust MAF Mount Pipe
  • HKS SSQV BOV w/recirc
  • Tial 38mm WG w/9.5psi spring
  • Pipe Coupler
  • Clampco Stainless Steel T-Bolt Pipe Clamps
  • AEM FIC Unit 1910 Model
  • Dezod AEM FIC PnP Harness
  • Deutschworks 550c PnP Injectors
  • NGK Iridium Plugs
  • Custom Dump Piping
  • Invidia s-pipe
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Exedy Stage 3 Clutch
  • F1 Racing Light-weight Flywheel
  • Fujita Air Filter
  • Samco Radiator Hoses


Wheels & Suspension


  • Work Meister 17×8 & 18×10
  • Falken 912 205/40/17 & 215/40/17
  • Black Rays Lug Nut
  • B&G RS2 Coilovers
  • Hotchkis Front & Rear Sway Bars
  • Dezod End Links
  • TRD Black Chrome Front Strut Tie Bar
  • Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads
  • StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • StopTech Drilled And Slotted Rotors
  • Satin Black Brake Calipers





  • AEM Eugo AFR
  • Autometer Gauges
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • JVC KW-AVX706 DVD In Dash
  • Alpine MRD-M5-1 Amp
  • Custom Fiberglass Enclosure Wrapped in Suede




  • 6k HID’s
  • 5% tint
  • Weathertech Vent Visors
  • Oznium Smoke Full Third Brake Light
  • Smoked Turn Signals
  • Anzo USA Tail Lights
  • Blizzard Pearl Painted Headlights
  • Blizzard Pearl front window frames
  • Carbon Fiber B-Pilar Appliques
  • Keyhole Plugs
  • Kenstyle Body Kit
  • Kaminari Carbon Fiber Reverse Cowl Hood
  • VIS Carbon Fiber Hatch w/ Molded Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Hatch Garnish
  • FWW Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • Carbon Fiber Fuel Door Cover
  • Debadged
  • Scion Rear Bumper Protector
  • Mangowalk Antenna





  • Sparco Milano 2 seats signed by Adam Saruwatari
  • Sparco Sliders & Brackets
  • Sparco Black Alcantara Harness Pads
  • Sparco 4 Point Black Camlock Harnesses
  • Sparco Carbon Fiber Pedals
  • TRD Shift Knob
  • Dr. Isotope 3″ Reduction Short Throw Shifter
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG Quick Release
  • NRG Harness Bar
  • MOMO Jet Black Leather/Carbon wheel
  • Custom Tarepanda Gauges
  • Black Suede Door Panels
  • Blizzard Pearl Accents
  • Carbon Fiber Cubby Panel
  • Black Alcantara E-Brake Boot & Arm Rest Cover
  • Aluminum Door Sills
  • Garage 1217 Interior LED Swap Kit


  • J Kissling

    congrats Glor. The tC is lookin great!

  • Will

    how a tC should be done. GREAT job!

  • Mickey O


    this thing is awesome, everything just seems to fit with each other and it’s amazing. Perfect, just perfect

  • Mr. parro

    Best Scion I’ve seen eva!!

  • lowandslowbb

    I would be more impressed if she built the car herself. Anybody with money can do what she did.

  • vipbB

    no props to any shop or anyone that helped on the build?

  • Patrick

    Does she live in Arizona?

    Seen the name Andy Parra on my friend’s page.

  • mojitoxb

    Yes, she lives in Arizona. Most of the work was completed right out of her own garage. Few shops to give props to such as hawaiianxbzee for fender rolling services and UMS Tuning for the exhaust welding. and dyno.

  • Oscar Lepe

    Hi my name is Oscar Lepe and I been trying too hook up my scion tc 2005 but i can’t find no BBS rims at all do u know where to get them and by the way ur ride is so clean bro let me know where I could get some BBS rims for my car bro

  • Justin

    Roughly how much in power & engine upgrades do you think you spent? I’m upgrading my TC but I am unsure of where to start.

  • Tom

    FYI mojitoxb, Her b/f did all the major work. He use to drive a red MR2. I talked to him a few times when i first got my Xb and he would come to the cruise nights. I havent seen him nor his MR2 much anymore. Last time I ran into him he was on a supermoto so maybe he left the scene. Got to give credit when credit is due.

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