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Oct 13, 2011

Photography By: Jordan Chronister

Words By: Andy Carter

Andre Pham’s VIP GS300: Young Gun


The world of VIP is generally reserved for the more seasoned members of the import scene. Not only is the price of entry considerably higher, aftermarket pieces are priced with exclusivity in mind; this genre is the textbook example of the idiom “You’ve got to pay to play.” Rules, however, are meant to be broken, and usually are. Andre Pham started this VIP GS300 when he was 18, an age when most of us were trying to cut 15 year old Civic springs and morph Home Depot garden accessories into aero pieces. The youngest member of Liberty VIP, Andre is self-made man, building his Lexus with a combination of hard work, quality parts, and some generous help from the gents of Liberty. Front shot of a VIP GS300
VIP GS300 with SSR Vienna Merisia   slammed lexus on bags

Andre has followed the traditional VIP recipe pretty closely for his GS300. The car sits on the pavement courtesy of Tein CS coilovers modified with UAS airbags, framing the rare set of SSR Vienna Merisias quite nicely.  The exterior of the car has been fitted with a JobDesign Lead body kit, pieces that Andre contends are unique in the States.  The end result is actually quite mild, a look that bucks the worldwide trend of increasingly Xtreme VIP style rides.

Rear shot of a bagged gs300

rear shot of a Lexus GS300

Seeing such a young entrant into the VIP display such restraint and style is breath of fresh air.  Too often, the younger crowd shows its immaturity by attempting to shock and awe their forum peers and end up looking like parodies of themselves.  Andre’s is different, though.  This VIP GS300 was driven down the narrow road, focusing on hard-to-get quality parts and professional-level workmanship.  He may be young, but trust me, this is one guy you need to watch out for in the future.

VIP Lexus interior

print on a lexus sunroof

A doll in the back of a Lexus.

Andre Pham’s Lexus GS300


  • Pioneer Avic-F90BT
  • JL 10″ W3 Subwoofer
  • 9″ Black woodgrain headrest monitors to match the wood pieces :)
  • Diamond stitched Inserts. (Ben Paisi from Idealistic Design in Elmwood Park, NJ)
  •  Custom Black/White checkered floors mats (It  was done while I was visiting my family for a month in Japan
  • Junction Produce Neck Pads


  • JobDesign Lead kit (1 of 1 in the States)
  • All four fenders have been pulled with the car fully resprayed. (Nate from Dreamakers Kustoms in Edicott, NY)

Wheels and Tires

  • SSR Vienna Merisia 18×9 (0), 18×10 (-10)

Suspension and Performance

  • 5zigen Fireball Mega exhaust
  • LS400 Front BBK
  • Cross/drilled Rotors
  • Tein CS Coilovers / UAS bags

Editor: Andy Carter