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Oct 24, 2011

Photography By: Jeremy Alan Glover

Words By: Josh Wilson

Bagged Cobra: Ruffling Feathers

bagged Cobra

Normally you see a multitude of imports not only on Canibeat, but on pretty much every site you come across these days. No matter where in the globe the chassis calls home, they rarely wear a badge from the states. Philip’s Mustang Cobra isn’t your typical pony-car though as it features something that you usually come across in the import world – an air suspension. That set up leaves it in a position that most of the muscle cars rarely see; sitting in the crossfire between the never ending domestic versus import war.

bagged cobra


Philip’s bagged Cobra isn’t just a hard-parked pony though. This Mustang packs a punch as it has a supercharged V8 sitting under the hood and it doesn’t just rest in there untouched. Philip has taken advantage of the huge aftermarket support that the Cobra has to get this machine up to around 480hp. That raw V8 power supports this Cobra’s heritage as being a major player in the Domestics front line.

bagged ford

CCW Classics



The one thing that leaves this Mustang at odds with its brethren is that this Cobra has a suspension that is rarely seen sitting under Mustangs or F-Bodies. Philip wanted that slammed look but at the same time wanted to have a ride that didn’t lead him to a pain-pill addiction. That desire took him down a road less traveled by Mustang owners. With the help of Accuair, Philip has gotten the look and ride that he’s always wanted.

engine bay

super charged


bagged cobra

CCW Classics

This Cobra might not be your taste, or you might cringe at the thought of a Mustang being on air, but Philip has built this car exactly how he has wanted and it has turned out great. He’s managed to put together a tastefully built Form and Function machine that isn’t there to just to please critics. Being a guy from Missouri, I’ve seen my fair share of beefed up Mustangs and Philip’s is definitely one that will stand out in my mind and I’m sure many others as well.

Ford CCW

air ride

Ford Cobra

Mustang Cobra

I’d like to thank my girlfriend Veronique for tolerating my all-encompassing love of cars, and my friend and partner in crime, Michel Patry, who helped with the air suspension install. I could never thank or repay him enough to show my appreciation adequately. Malcolm Mckeever is my go-to guy for getting the car cleaned up. As well as being a good friend, he does a wicked detailing job! Mike Alexander, formerly of AccuAir, was a big help in making the air suspension dream become a reality.




Philip’s Cobra Mustang


  • 2.76″ BilletFlow blower pulley and 100mm idler
  • SCT XCalibrator2 with custom tune
  • JLT Carbon Fiber CAI
  • Stock TB and plenum ported by Stiegemeier
  • Bassani stainless steel catted X-pipe
  • Steeda stainless steel catback
  • MGW short shifter
  • LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
  • LFP Supertank intercooler reservoir
  • Innovate LC-1 wideband O2 sensor


  • Bullitt Mustang side scoops
  • Black vinyl bumper letter inserts
  • Cobra grille emblem
  • Paint-matched CDC lightbar

Wheels & Tires

  • CCW Classic 18×11 rear with 295/35R18 Nitto INVO
  • CCW Classic 18×9.5 front with 275/35R18 Nitto INVO (after the photoshoot)


  • Innovate G3 Air/Fuel ratio gauge
  • GG&G “Fuckin’ Fast” shift knob


    • Maximum Motorsports front Strut Tower Brace
    • Kenny Brown Performance Extreme Matrix Subframe System
    • Accuair e-level air suspension kit with touchpad
    • 5 gallon tank
    • Dual chromed Viair 400C compressors
    • RideTech CoolRide bags and plates


      • Stock Mach 460

Editor: cristian loza