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Zimmy’s Deceptively Clean Mk6: Screaming Subtle

It’s not about flash. It’s not about extravagant. It’s not about extreme. Sure, those attributes have their place and command attention but what about a clean car with an on-point stance, quality wheels and some thoughtful touches both inside and out? It’s a tried and true look that can turn just as many heads and drop just as many jaws. The things that impress the most are often the ones that aren’t readily noticed and that’s exactly how Mike planned out his Mk6: class and elegance that will keep you guessing…



Zimmy’s Mk6 looks like it should’ve come from the factory this way. When he bought it in August of last year, he already had an idea of where he wanted to go with it and quickly got started with a set of coilovers. Over the course of the next few months, he started adding some parts on both interior and exterior, of the Euro kind, as well as attaching some under the hood goodies in the form of software, intake, and exhaust. Needless to say, he was taking strides in the right direction because you’ve already seen the end product.




After Southern Worthersee in May, Mike decided air and a new set of shoes would help set his ride apart a little more than the rest. At that point, not many Mk6’s had been done right and he was well on his way to doing so. He ditched his Porsche wheels, picked up a set of DP Motorsport AMP’s and made the switch from Team Static to Team Air in order to better lay out on his new shoes.



He pulled it off with ease. I mean, he makes it look effortless. The closer you look, the more you notice small, tasteful touches like the color-matched rear reflectors and R-line emblem on the steering wheel. If you aren’t looking for them or know what you’re looking for, you won’t notice the intimate subtleties because they look like they belong there.



slammed Mk6

Laid out. Flushed out. Never played out. This GTI may look like it’s only rocking a great stance and classy wheels but there’s more than meets the eye with this little beauty. Take notes, ladies and gentlemen… Professor Zimmy just gave you a lesson on why “clean” is here to stay…

Zimmy’s MK6




  • OEM Euro Light Switch
  • OEM R-Line Steering Wheel Emblem
  • OEM R-Line Door Sill Kit
  • OEM Euro Dash Cubby
  • Aluminum Seat Handle Inserts
  • NewSouth Performance Column Pod
  • NewSouth Performance Spectrum Boost Gauge
  • NewSouth Performance Console Pod
  • (2) Black Faced Viair Air Gauges
  • OEM Rear Window Shade
  • Suede False Trunk Floor




  • APR Carbonio Intake
  • APR 3″ RSC Turboback Exhaust
  • APR Stage 2 Software
  • N2MB WOT Box (Launch Control and No Lift Shifting)
  • OEM Revision “D” Diverter Valve
  • VF Engineering Short Throw Shifter
  • HPA Solid Torque Arm Mount






    • Front Fenders Pulled/Rolled
    • Frame Notch
    • Airlift XL front struts
    • Slam Specialty SS-5’s with Airlift Shocks
    • Modified D-Dups
    • Viair 444C Compressor
    • Easy Street Manifolds
    • AVS 7 Switch Switchbox
    • 1/4″ Air Line
    • Bag Riders Flow Controls
    • Accuair 5gal. Aluminum Skinny Tank (Painted Powder Teal)




  • John

    It’s definitely a nice car, but I hate to say putting a VW on air definitely doesn’t help to “set his ride apart a little more than the rest.” Clean car for sure though.

  • stan

    You guys never get tired of featuring the same cars over and over again? How many VW’s on air do we need to see?

    • cristian loza

      Stan- Considering that most VW’s are on air these days… you can expect to see a ton of them on here.

    • matt

      how many boring “clean”, on air, and “rare” wheeled vws do we need to see

  • Geo

    I’ve been following zimmys build thread for a while. Glad to see it made it on here. Too clean

  • AlanMarlin

    Nice work! Keep it up. Airlift

  • D.Dodd

    GTFO if you don’t wanna see this type stuff. The car is clean and an amazing inspiration for other builders. Don’t click in if you don’t wanna see the pics. Trolls are everywhere. The car is F’n sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sully

    I never get tired of looking at a really nice MK VI GTI & if I’m not mistaking this car is also APR Stg.3+ Which makes for one beautiful fast VW

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