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Dark Sleekness: Gene’s 2009 Nissan 370Z

What was your dream car when you were a kid? Some of our tastes have changed over the years but some have never deviated from their original dream. Gene has always admired the Nissan Z’s. When he was in high school, he remembers wanting a Nissan 300zx so badly. One day, he attended a local Z car club meets and that’s when it all started. He saw all the insanely built 350z’s for both track and show purposes and was instantly hooked. It was then that he decided that it was time for him to get his first Z. Incidentally, it was right when Nissan first introduced the 370z into the market and people in the scene were starting to build them.


side profile

Nissan 370z

370z hellaflush


He picked up his black 370z and right then, he knew he made the right choice; especially with Z’s looking so pure in black. When I first met Gene, I thought all he was going to do was slam it and put some wheels on it but he proved me wrong. A year later, the car had some major changes done to it both inside and out. New wheels, lip kit and some good stuff under the hood astounded me. Gene’s Z currently puts down 404whp/340tq on a DynoJet and he only wants to make it faster. His plan next year is to finally get the car on a track and just go all out with it.

shift knob

Nissan interior



rolling shot


Gene’s static ride height and Chicago roads don’t really get along well but in spite of it all, he still drives the hell out of his car all over for car meets, events, and to simply just go for a cruise in the city at night.

side profile

370z rear

Nissan front



His car is truly an inspiration for most as it is a reminder that our childhood dreams aren’t always meant to stay as dreams, but you can actually turn them into reality.


rear stance


Nissan 370Z


Gene’s 2009 Magnetic Black 370Z 6MT with Sport Package




  • GTM Supercharger Kit, Rotrex C38 Supercharger @ 8lbs boost, ~400rwhp/340tq
  • Setrab Oil Coolers for SC Oil and Engine Oil.
  • Fast Intentions Resonated Test Pipes
  • Tanabe Y-Pipe
  • Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust
  • Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment covers
  • Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Custom Hood Prop/Dampers
  • ARC Radiator Cap





  • Stance GR+ Coilovers
  • Black Chrome OEM Front Strut Bar.
  • SPC Rear Camber arms.
  • Tanabe Front and Rear Sway Bars
  • Tanabe Chassis Underbrace
  • Work Gnosis GS4 20×9.5 +11,20×10.5 -2 Burning Black with Machined Step Lip.
  • Falken 452 Tires 225/35 and 255/35
  • Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome lugs



  • Nismo S-Tune Bodykit. Front Lip, Sideskirts, Rear Valence
  • Custom Blacked out Headlights with LED strip
  • Nissan JDM Rear Foglight






  • HKS Camp2 Engine Monitoring System with Boost and Oil Pressure add on gauges, displayed on HeadUnit
  • Kenwood DNX7160 Head Unit with Nav, DVD, Ipod, Bluetooth
  • JL Audio HD900/5 Amp
  • JL Audio XR650-CSi Components
  • JL Audio 13TW5 Sub
  • Custom Spare Tire Sub enclosure by Wicked CAS
  • Beltronics RX65 Radar with Blendmount and Invisicord setup.
  • Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi Shift knob.



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