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Rich Fogarty’s Smooth Mk5 GTI: Clean Shaven

Dropping a car on nice wheels seems to be enough to get you noticed these days. We’ve become a scene geared towards the aesthetic and as a result, wheels and suspension are usually determined in the owner’s mind many times before they sell their current setup or even buy a car to put the new shoes on. Usually, when you choose a direction for your car, it’s usually form or function in the short run with a long-term goal of both because having a beauty with some beast in the bonnet is always optimal. Many people, however, choose to go mostly in one direction (with some definite attention to the other, though not as much) and carry it to its fullest capacity which is exactly what Rich has done with his sexy, silver sleigh…


When Rich bought his car sight unseen two years ago, he was more than happy with his purchase. It came lowered on coilovers and had already seen some shave work on the outside due to it being previously owned by a body guy. Like so many of us who swear to leave the car alone and just enjoy it, he also decided to leave it the way it was but quickly succumbed to his car tuning roots and began modifying both inside and out.




Being a firm believer in keeping the modifications as close to factory as possible in appearance and paying attention to the details, Rich started shaving, pulling, and molding his way to greatness. With the GTI being his daily driver, he decided to replace the “extremely harsh” ride of the coilovers that were currently on it for a full Airlift Slam XL air ride kit with the AutoPilot Digital Management. He didn’t stop at just installing the system and hiding all the components, however. Rich decided to expose the tanks as well as mold the controller into the ashtray so seamlessly that it looks like it came that way from the factory.


Carline CM6


Over the course of the next season, he proceeded to increase the jaw dropping factor by re-skinning the interior, shaving a few more goodies on the exterior, and pulling the fender arches to tuck a GORGEOUS set of 18”x8.5/9.5”Carline CM6’s. If you take a close look at the wheels (which are the ONLY set of 18” CM6’s in the United States), you will notice that the valve stems and air inlet assemblies were shaved and relocated to the barrels in order to keep the shaved theme consistent across the entire car. It’s this kind of attention to detail and craftsmanship that puts Rich’s car on a completely different level than the average bagged Volkswagen on shiny wheels.

stance fitment

air ride

Rich Fogarty

To call this car clean would be a gross understatement and honestly, pictures hardly do this car justice. It truly is breath taking in person but until you get that chance to see it on full display in front of you, I’ll let Jordan’s pictures do their best to convey the how flawless this car truly is…

Rich Fogarty’s Mk5 GTI




  • Shaved Front Bumper Moldings
  • Shaved Front Bumper Marker Lights
  • Shaved Hood
  • Shaved Roof Antenna
  • Shaved Hatch
  • Shaved Exhaust
  • Cutout, Shaved Driver’S Side Key Hole
  • Pulled Front And Rear Fenders
  • Rear Wiper Delete
  • Smoked European Taillights
  • Badgeless Front Grille
  • Jetta Fog Light Grilles With 3K Hid Kit
  • Blue Tinted Side View Mirrors




  • Full Reskin Of Interior With Custom Katzkin Leather Kit
  • Auto Pilot Air Ride Controller Was Molded Into The Ash Tray Location In The Car. Looks Like It Came From The Factory!
  • Custom Glove Box
  • Hard Lined
  • Air Tank






  • 18” X 8.5” Wide In The Front And 18” X 9.5” Wide In The Rear
  • Carline Cm6 Wheels With The Air Inlet Valves Shaved Off The Lips And Relocated To The Barrels To Continue The Shaved Theme. These Wheels Are The Only 18″ Set In The U.S.



  • Airlift Xl Slam Kit With Digital Management
  • A Custom Trunk Setup Was Designed To Show Off The Air Components.






  • Revo Software
  • Custom Painted And Shaved Bsh Engine Cover
  • Bsh True Seal Intake
  • Custom Painted Battery Cover
  • Custom Painted Fuse Box Cover
  • Jcaps Black Anodized Coolant Cap
  • Wind Shield Washer Cap And Oil Cap.




  • Pioneer X920Bt Head Unit
  • Custom 12″ Sub Box Incorporated Into The Fully Custom Trunk With Air Ride Components



  • Jesse

    Even I had to admit that the shave job on this VW is gorgeous. As usual, I’m not crazy about the big tucked wheels, stretched tires, and suspension that’s really just set up for show … but I can’t help but respect Rich’s dedication toward putting together an immaculate profile.

  • Slick_c

    Can we see the interior?

    • cristian loza

      Jordan unfortunately ran out of light during this shoot. Sometimes cant capture it all (unfortunately)

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