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Nov 28, 2011

Photography By: Raymond Neice

Words By: Josh Wilson

Slammed & Daily Tested 350z: Taking the Battle to the Streets

slammed 350z

We all have our war stories when it comes to being low. They usually include evil nemeses like speed bumps, highway reflectors, steep driveways, pot holes and other enemies that hide in the concrete jungle that we all drive every day. Brad Maybach’s slammed 350z (if that even covers it) is one car that goes into battle every day and has its stories and battle scars to prove it.

static 350z

rear camber

stance 350z

nissan 350z

When talking to Brad about his sweet 350z, he brought up one story that just shows how low this Nissan is.  “Coming home from a local car meet one night, I was feeling heavy footed, hit (let’s just say fast) on the turnpike, switched lanes, hit a reflector, and broke my drive shaft in half.” No one ever said going low was cost effective and Brad, a member of “Hard Parked” out of Florida, would fully agree as he’s already had to replace a few other parts multiple times due to being slammed.





Even with all the headaches of being low, like when Brad had to find a way to get this Z on a flat bed, people will continue to fight on because being low and rolling slow looks so damn good.



hellaflush 350z

rig shot

Brad would like to thank:All the guys at the Hard-Parked, “Just for Looks” store Via Carlos Gonzalez for the Gram lights, aftermarket bumper, OEM fender, exhaust, and the most important discounted tires!! I’d like to thank BC Racing for their coils. Thank You Canibeat.com for giving me the opportunity to be on your site. Much Appreciated!

Brad Maybach’s Nissan 350Z


  • Aero Sync Bumper


  • Gram light 57s Pros w/ Rays Metal Finish w/ Titanium Finish Lip
  • 19×9 -10 215/35/19
  • 19×10 -20 225/35/19
  • General Exclaims
  • BC Racing BR Series Coils
  • Eibach rear camber kit


  • Megan Racing Y Pipe
  • Apexi ExTi N1 Single Exhaust
  • Turbo XS test pipes
  • Fujita Dual Air Intakes

Editor: cristian loza