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Tracked and Wrapped: Ricky’s Performance Nissan GT-R

There’s always a reason behind why we love cars and why we modify them. Depending on the person, some will go for show while others will go for a car that can perform. No matter what type of person you are we all share one common interest that brings us together and that is we all love modifying our cars. Ricky, the owner of this GT-R, decided to go the track and performance route for his build. Ricky is not a newbie when it comes to building functional track-ready cars, his whole garage only consists of track-ready cars. You might remember his red BMW M3 that I posted a while back. Yup, this is the same owner.

Just as a reminder, the performance BMW M3 below is also Ricky’s

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When it comes to modifying cars, Ricky is an extremely firm believer in bring out the best of OEM performance while only modifying the car with authentic and functional parts. All the parts that are on his car were installed because they serve a purpose on the track. When it comes to modifying his car, he has one goal and that is to bring out the most in OEM performance while installing aftermarket parts that will work in conjuction with OEM parts in order to have the fastest time on the track. For example, when he modified to his M3, all he did was add additional aero parts that would aide the car on the track, the engine was left untouched since Ricky did not feel the need to touch an already beefy motor. His GT-R build is a bit different when compared to his M3.
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This GT-R should be considered as his “fun” track car. Lots of time, effort and money was spent on getting the right parts for his car in order to create a track monster. Under the hood is a full Switzer P800 800 HP pump gas package. As the Switzer Performance site describes:

Godzilla lives up to its name with a Switzer P800 kit installed. These cars are ready and able to chase down anything on the road, from exotic Italian supercars to the fastest streetbikes around, the Switzer P800 GTR Nissan is the ultimate pump-gas performer – yet remains smooth enough to drive every day.

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The quality aftermarket upgrades did not just end under the hood, the Endless E-Slit Brake Rotor plus Brembo big brake kit behind the BBS LM’s makes us all envy him.
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A race car also needs a big wing right? And not just any big wing, this is an Aeromotions S2 wing. It’s the wing that adjusts electronically that is practically weightless due to it’s carbon fiber and titanium material incorporation. Aeromotions themself describe’s this wings movement as:

Hypnotic to watch, the split wing was pioneered by Nissan on the famous R381. Winning the 1968 Japanese Grand Prix, this innovative weight transfer mechanism quickly proved its value. As your car turns, the wing splits to provide more downforce on the inside wheel.

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Since this car is constantly tracked, a full satin grey vinyl was used to wrap the whole car, leaving a unique look to it.
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All in all, Ricky has built yet another fine track car with authentic quality parts that are all proven to be functional. Through his builds we like to say that function can also look great too. Stay tuned for more cars from Ricky’s personal garage because if you thought that having two modified track cars are ridiculous, then wait until we introduce the rest of his track fleet.





  • Zele front bumper
  • Rexpeed front lip
  • Titek sike skirts
  • AMS CF trunk
  • Aeromotions S2
  • Satin Guard wrapped
  • [/list_arrow2][/one_third]




  • Switzer P800 package
  • HKS full exhaust with Spec-R
  • HKS tranny oil cooler
  • [/list_arrow2]

    Wheels & Tires


  • BBS LM
  • Toyo R888
  • [/list_arrow2][/one_third]


    Suspension & Brakes


  • JRZ RS Pro
  • Brembo brake kit
  • Endless E-slit rotors
  • [/list_arrow2]



  • Recaro SPG
  • ACG San Diego Roll bar and Spec-v rear seats delete
  • [/list_arrow2]

    Be sure to check out the rest of the photos of Ricky’s functional GT-R beauty.

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