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Dec 11, 2011

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: JC Vallido

Ryan Hall’s Shaved & Bagged R32: Tuckin’ Hard

bagged R32

Canibeat is never too shy of steering clear from the abundance of European cars we feature and there is one model we particularly share a ton of. What? Not again you say? Oh not another Volkswagen? Well the German’s didn’t name it the “people’s car” for no reason and how often do you see a fully shaved matte white MK4 rolling around your hood?

Okay maybe you’ve seen ‘em rolling around often but this ones pretty freakin’ clean. Meet Ryan’s VW R32. It’s fresh, clean, shaved, and low with no crazy body kits to ruin it. He kept the clean lines of the R32 with an unimaginably low stance.

His story behind his car isn’t any different from any other car enthusiasts but still holds a personal touch to it. “Nothing different then the usual story of guy meets car, car becomes hobby, hobby turns into a lifestyle, and through that lifestyle there are many awesome friends and relationships created. I have forged what I believe are life long friends due to the lifestyle modding this car has lead me, if it wasn’t for building this car, none of these people would exist in my life, this is what people on the outside looking in don’t understand.” -Ryan

Is tucking balls deep a style? If so, save me a seat on that bandwagon, contrary to what the haters think, low will never be un-cool. Ever.” – Ryan

Ryan wanted his car to be his own self-expression. He never had a master plan for the car and just went with it. The car went thru changes like his personal wardrobe. It’s like how he decides to dress himself each day only instead of picking between hoodies to rock, what color it is or which pair of shoes to wear, it’s what wheels he’d decide to get next with his car.

Out of all the mods he has achieved with the R32, his air-ride system is his most admired accomplishment. Back when he was still static on coilovers he was pretty much as low as you could go and still be able to drive it without destroying the oil pan on every little bump in the road. Also another reason he went air is that it prevented him from driving his car as much as he wanted to or for long distance and he just didn’t want to have to keep paying to fix stuff breaking and scraping.

Ryan would like to thank his awesome wife Trista, his best friend Simon Doss, all the WCM fam, the NFJ fam, Tim, everyone at Tomas Sport Tuning and all his peeps on FB. Last but not least, Ignatius McCarthy for the super rad photos!

Ryan’s R32


  • Fully shaved front & rear bumpers
  • Shaved door panels & rub strips
  • Shaved hatch and removed hatch wing
  • OEM stubby mirrors
  • Shaved fender markers
  • Filled hood notch and Bonrath badge-less grill
  • Shaved/relocated roof antenna
  • Full matte white vinyl wrap
  • Glass 7k HID projector headlights
  • EuroImage hatch wiper delete

Interior and Audio

  • Eurojet Forte carbon fiber seats
  • High bolstered Mk4 rear bench seat
  • Mk5 golf ball shift knob
  • Kenwood DNX5120 Touchscreen Navi & DVD/MP3 player
  • Carbon fiber ashtray & dome light cover
  • Molded Autopliot air-ride controller
  • BFI industries C-pillar bar
  • Yarrow sport rear stress bar
  • TST rear stress brace

Wheels & Tires

  • BBS CH wheels 18.5 X 8 ET35
  • 20mm H&R spacers rear
  • Linglong L688 tires 215/40/18
  • Eurospec slotted rotors front & rear
  • Hawk HPS pads
  • Neuspeed stainless steel brake lines


  • Airlift XL front air struts
  • Custom fabbed Airhouse 2 rear bags
  • 5 gallon tank, 3/8 lines & Autopilot digital air ride controller
  • Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar
  • ECS tuning rear control arm bushings
  • Autotech upper stress bar


  • Revo reflash
  • HPA shortshift linkage
  • Custom catback exhaust w/4″ tips
  • BMC carbon fiber short ram intake
  • Shaved engine cover

Editor: cristian loza