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Dec 28, 2011

Photography By: Quan Duong

Words By: Danny Rice

Sexy with a Capital .:R : The EastCoastSteeze .:R32


Since it first hit the showroom floors in 2004, the Volkswagen .:R32 has become one of the most well-known and well loved cars of the last 10 years. Featuring face-lifted front and rear bumpers, an AWD drive train, race inspired Konig interior, and the always beloved VR6 motor beefed up to a 3.2L with 240 hp, there aren’t many platforms in the last decade that are better to build up than this. With a sport-tuned suspension from the factory, this powerful little hatch was built to be a pure driver’s car; ready to enter, brake, apex, accelerate and exit every turn it encountered. With these capabilities and build quality, many .:R32 owners are purists who keep their cars bone stock and drive it aggressively like it was meant to be but there are a select few who decide to take it that extra step and give it some beauty to match the beast.



Pat Shaughnessy is one of those people with a passion for both power and finesse. Previous to purchasing the .:R32, Pat had a Mk4 GTI 1.8T that was bored and stroked out to a 2.0L with 630cc injectors and t3/t4 hybrid turbo pushing well over 400 whp at 20 psi and just a hair under 700 at 32 psi. Insane? Yes. Bagged? Yes. Some “Function > Form” purists may call it a waste but Pat knew what he wanted and married both schools of thought together in one German chassis. Not only could the car flat out get it on the track, it could flat out lay out on the pavement. Sure, it’s not conventional but ask anyone who knows Pat and they’ll tell you that “conventional” is a term he knows nothing about. From his style to his cars, Mr. EastCoastSteeze pushes the boundaries and makes you love to hate him…



race seats


When he sold his original Mk4 at Waterfest 2010, he already had his next project in mind. He loved the Mk4 hatchback design of the GTI but knew how handy All Wheel Drive would be in harsh, New England winters so the choice was clear: the 2004 Volkswagen .:R32. The original plan was simple: keep it clean with an OEM+ theme but drive it as low as possible on a daily basis. Needless to say, he has definitely kept true up to this point. One modification Pat was planning on doing to the car (installing an air ride suspension) was already done when he bought it so he quickly crossed that off the list and moved onto the next logical step: the shoes.


air ride


His first wheels setup was a set of Tracer Tech 2’s, an uncommon wheel which has no shortage of fans, myself included. They started off fully polished and stayed that way for a while but found themselves at the powdercoater a few months later being taken out of the oven in a fresh coat of white powder with neon pink barrels (to match the car’s race harnesses), a color which Pat has incorporated into his unique style for the car which matches well with the original Deep Blue Pearl paint. The struggle he has had most with this car is his passion for wanting to stand out and so the logical conclusion was to pick up a set of ONE OFF, custom widened Rial Daytonas in 18×8.5/10 (the wheels pictured in the feature). Though he did get quite attached to these, they are already sold and Pat decided to jump at the chance of doing another set of custom wheels which are currently being crafted for next season.
Now that he has given his sexy lady the treatment she deserves aesthetically, Pat is going to start turning towards the motor to try to quench that insatiable appetite for speed. Make sure to keep an eye out for this “steezy” little beauty next year when she comes out swinging with new racing seats, other interior goodies and hopefully some motor work once Pat can make good on his plans. It goes without saying that we’ll be waiting to see where this beautiful marriage of form and function is going to go in the next few months or next few years…




Pat Shaughnessy’s 2004 Deep Blue Pearl Volkswagen R32


  • Oem Hid Head lights
  • Oem Ocean Tail lights
  • Cupra R Lip/li>
  • Fully Shaved Rear Hatch
  • Oem Euro Rline Rear Bumper
  • Euro R Stubby Mirrors With Blue Glass And Heated
  • Shaved Side Markers
  • Filled Hood And Front Bumper
  • Shaved Bumper Markers
  • Shaved Front Bumper Line
  • Badgeless Grill


  • Weicher X Cage Color Matched Dbp
  • Euro Switch With Rear Fog
  • W8 Console
  • Polished Seat Caps
  • Flush Double Din Screen
  • R Monster Floor Mats
  • Leather False Floor With Tank Cutout
  • Hot Pink 4-Point Race Harnesses


  • Custom Exhaust With Two Turn Down Tips
  • Giac 93 Chip/tune
Evoms Cold Air
  • Intake
Short Throw Shifter


  • Rial Daytona Race (Custom Widened)
  • 18X8.5Et15 On 205/40R18
  • 18X10Et13 On 225/40-R18
  • Fully Polished, Lips, Faces And Inner Barrels
  • 24K Gold Bolts
  • Bagyard Air Ride
  • Supreme Front Bags
  • Classic Rear Bags
  • 400Cc Compressor
  • 8 Valves
  • 3.5 Gallon Air Tank

Soon to be installed

  • Nardi class 3 spoke steering wheel, black leather, white stitching, brushed center
  • NRG quick release
  • NRG short hub adapter
  • (2) sparco millano 2 seats
  • New wheels that currently being built (18×9.5 and 18×10.5)

Editor: cristian loza