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That Gentleman Swagger: Tesh’s Bagged and Bangin’ Jaguar

When I think of a Jaguar, I usually think of an old man smoking a pipe while wearing a terrible suit jacket (that or Jeremy Clarkson going “Jaaaag”). The four door Jag is considered a gentleman’s car, one for quiet outings or maybe some golf. Tesh Monkey though, has taken a normally drab saloon and turned it into a slammed down class act with a serious attitude.


front end

This swanky Jag was started by Tesh and his friend with the goal to be one of the few (if not first) bagged Jaguars out there. “My friend that passed away this year actually pushed me to buy this car and he got me to buy all the air parts before he left. This is like my tribute to him really. We failed on the first car but this car was supposed to be the only Jaguar bagged in the world. I don’t know if I did it but it goes up and down.” Not only does Tesh’s Jag get down but it gets hammered to the ground.

louis vuitton



When deciding on what style he was going with, Tesh couldn’t just go in one direction. Being out of New York, a city full of diversity, he turned this Jag into a melting pot of styles. The interior keeps a classy look that rivals a JDM VIP level. The paint and chrome have been kept just like it came off the assembly line to give it that old school feel and to go with that he chose a set of smoothies to set his sled on and of course there is his air setup which he borrowed from the Euro world.

air ride


stance jaguar

This Jaguar has turned out to be a melting pot by taking small pieces from multiple scenes and not only has Tesh made it work but he has created a machine that will break some serious necks. In the end he has proved that you can take whatever chassis you want and make a jaw-dropping car if you keep at it.

bagged jaguar


rig shot

Tesh would like to thank:Myself and my team at Monkey Wrench, for having the worst car known to man, but we make it look soo good lol

Make sure you check out out Pravan Kuntmala’s work over at

  • itohead

    great feature, car, and pictures!


    shout outs to tesh and his g-ride

  • ufailatlife

    thats the most reliable car in the world.

  • Marco

    Love it but dont like the half steering wheel.

    Would cool to have UK plates on too…..


    From the UK

  • Justin

    Sick car.

  • Jeremy

    Love me a clean Jag. Awesome car and good to see another bagged Jaguar on the road.

  • nattydread

    liked the older saloon cars they got that og gentleman swag

  • AK

    Beautiful car but i also dont like the half steering wheel and it looks like its been hack off with an axe !

  • JDR

    Just EPIC! DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m speechless.

  • Sopo

    nice ride. steering wheel i can do without. and are those zip ties on the steering wheel

  • Tariq

    Very swanky jag, props tesh you & bish did a sick job. Keep it up and keep his memory alive, R.i.p Bishnu

  • Nikol

    I just realized, you guys (cristian in this one) have some really nice writing skills. Pics are amazing too but it takes talent to hold a reader to something. good job and nice car

    • Dave Tormey

      This feature was actually compiled by Cristian and written by one of our staff writers, Josh Wilson, but thanks for the kind words!


  • Gere

    Just put the original steering wheel back, or put a nardi, wtf is that?!

  • tesh monkey

    i cut the wheel so when i sit back in my seat it wont be in my veiw, you cant lower this steering column , and i love to cruise . the car was static at first , on cut springs. they dont have available aftermarket parts . the zipties are there because “thats what bish would do” i couldn’t find long enough screws. that lv fake stuff was from my other car that committed suicide on me . i just put it there for the memories.

  • Anthony

    giving NY some love! props for going to the left with this!

  • nismokid_5

    Stanceworks would be all over this thing I can see it getting big

  • kevin

    So clean!!! and I love everything else on this site but such a nice change from the usual

  • Jae r

    PRops to my brother TESH, Bishnu will be proud!

    -Boostin jae

  • wack steering wheel

    car is hot sauce. steering wheel…wack as hell

  • @SnapShotCarShow

    Good Job ~~~

  • John

    Why do people hate on others rides???? Freshenuff my friend. I <3 Haters!!!!!!

  • Doc Smooth

    The ghettofied half steering wheel pretty much kills this car. Clean car yes, but by no means innovative or a show stopper. Keep fighting the good fight though, You will make it one day.

  • Nitty Beat

    Ive always wondered what it would look like lowered. its nice!

  • brandon

    all this car needs to really be a melting pot is, some rediculous BOSO pipes <3

    really not a fan of that steering wheel tho

  • ugh

    that steering wheel absolutely ruins the car
    lose the switchbox and just put a nice built-in panel on the console.

  • Toepfer

    legit everything about it. Love it. Mad props. If I saw it in person I’d shake your hand.

  • Mr from UK

    Smooth look, best looking Jaguar XJ S3 I even like the big US bumpers!

  • dram

    cleanest jag i’ve seen in a while. loving the swag mix of old and new. the steering wheel adds a funky touch. don’t change it lol kudos to this entire build <3 another great feature, canibeat!

  • arsen

    What kind of wheels?

  • russell

    Damn that jag is swag.

  • RCVW

    PEACE 2 the homie TESH…

  • Peter

    Hey Tesh or for anyone else who knows please help me out!!! I have a Jaguar XJ6 and want to know where I can get the rims on Tesh’s? Thanks!

  • GC Photo

    Wow….I have two of these XJ’s and am working on them. I actually have an 83 that i planned on Black. But now I gotta get the smoothies too(which I think only 15×7 will fit and for anyone wanting to know it is a 5×4.75 bolt pattern).
    These cars have a great network of Jag lovers who know everything about them and they can tell you everything about them too. This is one amazing ride. Hope more people BAG these cars and keep this piece of history alive.

  • Jason

    Hi what air bag kit did you use and where did you get it ?

    Thanks Jason

  • Jutley

    your JAG is sick bro!, what size is are the rims and what company did you use for your air bag setup? any information will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.


  • Christmas

    Why does everybody hate the steering wheel, i like it alot actually!

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