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Dec 5, 2011

Photography By: Pravan Kuntmala

Words By: Josh Wilson

That Gentleman Swagger: Tesh’s Bagged and Bangin’ Jaguar

stance bagged Jarguar Tesh (1)

When I think of a Jaguar, I usually think of an old man smoking a pipe while wearing a terrible suit jacket (that or Jeremy Clarkson going “Jaaaag”). The four door Jag is considered a gentleman’s car, one for quiet outings or maybe some golf. Tesh Monkey though, has taken a normally drab saloon and turned it into a slammed down class act with a serious attitude.


front end

This swanky Jag was started by Tesh and his friend with the goal to be one of the few (if not first) bagged Jaguars out there. “My friend that passed away this year actually pushed me to buy this car and he got me to buy all the air parts before he left. This is like my tribute to him really. We failed on the first car but this car was supposed to be the only Jaguar bagged in the world. I don’t know if I did it but it goes up and down.” Not only does Tesh’s Jag get down but it gets hammered to the ground.

louis vuitton



When deciding on what style he was going with, Tesh couldn’t just go in one direction. Being out of New York, a city full of diversity, he turned this Jag into a melting pot of styles. The interior keeps a classy look that rivals a JDM VIP level. The paint and chrome have been kept just like it came off the assembly line to give it that old school feel and to go with that he chose a set of smoothies to set his sled on and of course there is his air setup which he borrowed from the Euro world.

air ride


stance jaguar

This Jaguar has turned out to be a melting pot by taking small pieces from multiple scenes and not only has Tesh made it work but he has created a machine that will break some serious necks. In the end he has proved that you can take whatever chassis you want and make a jaw-dropping car if you keep at it.

bagged jaguar


rig shot

Tesh would like to thank:Myself and my team at Monkey Wrench, for having the worst car known to man, but we make it look soo good lol

Make sure you check out out Pravan Kuntmala’s work over at pravanphotography.com.

Editor: cristian loza