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Dec 3, 2011

Photography By: Jordan Donnelly

Words By: Jordan Donnelly

Track Inspired S2000: Outlaw In The Outback

track inspired s2000

While I was over in Australia, I drove down to Melbourne for a couple days, and the owner of this beautiful Platinum Pearl White S2000, Vyet Le, was kind enough to show me around. He has owned the car for around 3 years now, and originally, it was supposed to be a clean, streetable car with the ability to hit up the track every now and then. After an accident though, everything changed. The insurance company wanted to just get rid of it, but Vyet felt a real connection to this car, and decided it wasn’t time to let it go. He bought it back, and repaired it.

Honda S2000


I say repaired, and indeed it was restored back to full OEM strength, but Vyet is a car guy, and we all know that car guys don’t leave things stock. He went to town on the car, installing tons of engine and body mods, ASM 07 FRP front lip, Voltex rear diffuser, and Rays Engineering Volk Racing CE28N, in 17×9 +30 on 225/40/17.

Vyet had just finished the car as I got to Melbourne. We met up at his place and planned to go shoot his car, and a few others, at a warehouse near his place. I had heard stories from the guys I had met in Sydney about how crazy the cops were about modified cars, but moments after leaving Vyet’s garage in the S2000, I got to experience it first hand.



We hadn’t made it even a mile before we saw flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror. It was an interesting experience to say the least…

The laws in Australia are extremely strict when it comes to cars, and when it comes to modifying cars, most people are treated like criminals. In certain cases, their mentality makes sense. Street racing and drunk driving are both stupid and dangerous, but being pulled over for a “random roadworthy check” for have having aftermarket wheels on a lowered car, or an exhaust is just unfair.

Track S2000


Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous it is over there, the main violations they look for are:
Cars cant be lower than 100mm off the ground, wheels cant be 1″ wider than standard, and they cant poke out past the fenders; and these are just concerning wheel modifications. If you are pulled over and don’t have any obvious modifications, then they can, and will, try to get you for other things that they can find to deem your car unroadworthy. Insignificant things such as no washer fluid, low on oil, white LED interior lights, HIDs, even your handbrake clicking over 7 times when pulled! My favorite part about all of this, is how uneducated the cops are. When Vyet and I got pulled over, some of the questions that they asked us were:
What kind of car is this?
Are these (the wheels) 20s?
Are you on cut springs?

I was stunned. First of all, who doesn’t know what a Honda is? And 20s? I literally laughed when he asked that. It is a perfect example of how they are just out to get guys like Vyet, who don’t do anything wrong, but enjoy modifying cars. I’d compare it to cops assuming that you are a murderer if you own a gun;  it just isn’t true.


Vyet got his car defected, which is when the cops deem your car unsafe for road use, and you have to return it to stock, and have it checked by VicRoads, which is sort of like our version of the DMV. They will also fine you for these terrible deeds that you have done, usually around $300 dollars, but the price goes up every year.


So this is the state of the modified car scene in Australia. It is sad and unnecessary, but it also makes you appreciate a build like Vyet’s, and what a cool guy like him has to go thru on a daily basis just to do what he loves;  driving his car.

engine bay

I cant thank Vyet and everyone I met in Melbourne enough for driving me around, hanging out, and letting me shoot their cars. It was such a great experience, and I damn sure will be back. Be on the lookout for some more awesome cars from down under!

Vyet Le’s Track Inspired S2000


  • J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Tsuchinoko Intake
  • JJ’s Racing Carbon Fiber Diversion Panel
  • JJ’s Racing Engine Torque Damper
  • JJ’s Racing Oil Cap
  • JJ’s Racing SPL Header
  • JJ’s Racing 70RR Titanium Exhaust
  • JJ’s Racing Oil Filter Stopper
  • JSpoon Radiator Cap
  • JKoyo Aluminum Radiator
  • JPivot Raizin Volt Stabilizer
  • JSard Sandwich Plate


  • Toda High Power Clutch Kit
  • Toda Light Weight Flywheel
  • Rebuild Rear Differential with Kia 4.77 Final Drive
  • T1R Drive Shaft Spacer
  • eXedium Racing Differential Collars
  • Innovative 75A Racing Engine & Gearbox Mounts


  • Tein SRC Coilovers Front:18kg/mm Rear:18kg/mm
  • Cusco 4 Point Chassis Brace
  • Whiteline 4 Point ‘H’ Lower Front Tie Bar
  • Whiteline Heavy Duty 30mm Front Sway Bar
  • Project Mu 4Pot Front Calipers
  • Project Mu 330mm 2 Piece Front Rotors
  • Project Mu Teflon Braided Front Brake lines
  • Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Stopper
  • DBA Slotted Rear Rotors
  • Acer Super Fighter Rear Pads


  • Project Kics Titanium Coated Lock Nuts
  • Rays Engineering Volk Racing CE28N Silver
  • 17×9+35 255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE11
  • 17×9.5+35 255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE11


  • Harddog 4point Roll Bar + Removeable Harness Bar
  • Takata 4point Harness
  • ARC Titanium Gear Knob
  • Honda Integra DC2R Gearboot Cover
  • 2003+ Radio Lid cover
  • Bride Vios III Black
  • Bride Seat Rails
  • Shift-i Light


  • ASM 07 FRP Front Lip
  • Voltex Type 3 GT Wing
  • Voltex Rear Diffuser
  • Shine ASM Replica Front Bar
  • APR Carbon fiber Mirrors
  • GTM Front & Rear Fold Tow Hook
  • Honda Hardtop
  • Honda AP2 Tail Lights
  • JDM Integra Flat Side Blinkers
  • Bonnet Dampers
  • Ztec Single Exhaust Cap

Editor: cristian loza