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Form and Function Inspired: Evan Fujioka’s Mazdaspeed 3

Form and function is what every car enthusisates wants to see built in a car. Many people find their inspirations from race car drivers for performance gains and the vip scene for that luxury finesse. But what if your inspirations came from a Formula D driver, like Walker Wilkerson, and the car isn’t even meant for drifting? Well here’s one Mazdaspeed 3 owner that did just that.

stance mazda

hellaflush mazdaspeed3

Check out Evan Fujioka’s Mazdaspeed 3. Evan wanted a Mazdaspeed 3 because there not as common as other cars and it is even more rare to see them fitted out. His fitment journey started a couple of years ago when there were only a few flushed out Speed 3’s and now, you can’t even count how many are out there. Evan has been in the fitment scene for about 3 years now and the thing that always makes him love what he does is the people that he meets which have influenced him with what he loves to do. He has met so many amazing people over the years that have kept him motivated to keep pushing the limits of himself and his car.

VIP Mazda

What Evan loves most about modifying his car is the fitment and it’s constant pursuit to go lower and even more flush. He aims for perfection. Fitment is also something that him and his girlfriend of 5 years have been able to do together while working on her own ride. Now his girlfriend can’t imagine a life without laying frame riding center lane and having people pull up next to her car with their jaw dropped thinking the car is broken because of all the negative camber it is riding on. Connections and experiences with the people he has met are what makes it fun for Evan and helping his friends on their setups has become just as exciting as working on his own.

Mazda engine bay


His future plans are to upgrade the turbo to a GT3076 and plan to make around 400-450whp. He will also be modifying the oil pan so that he can lower the car even more.

With all the present and future mods, Evan hasn’t appeared at any shows yet since he just recently got to this stage of his work in progress. He is however looking forward to all of the shows coming up in the 2012 season. So watch out for him!

stance Mazda

Shout outs:
“First of, I would like to shout out to Kee May for setting up and shooting the feature. Big thanks goes out my friends Jena Gevaart, Travis Kruesel, Zac Saunders, and Josh Grant for all of the late nights we spent getting everything just right. Also would like the thank Ray at Garage Autohero for all of the guidance and help over the years.”

Evan Fujioka’s Mazdaspeed 3




  • Cobb AP w/Access Tuner Race Map
  • CPe Nano Short Ram Intake
  • CPe 3″ Downpipe
  • Custom 3″ Strait Pipe
  • RPMC Turbo Inlet Pipe
  • Forge BPV
  • CX Racing Front Mount




  • Bride Vios iii Low Max
  • Takata Harness
  • Circuit Hero Shift Extender
  • Crown Royal Shift Boot
  • Dent Sport Garage Delrin Shift Knob
  • Pioneer Head Unit
  • JL Audio W3V3 with custom ported box





  • BC Racing Extreme Drop Package Coilovers
  • Dominant Engineering Rear Camber Arms




Wheels/Tire specs


  • Work Euroline DH
  • Front:18×8.5+25 215/35/18
  • Rear:18×9.5+30 215/40/18



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