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Pumped Up Kicks: The Difference Wheels Make…

Wheels. Rims. Rollers. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are the difference. Wheels make or break a car and you can’t deny it. Are they everything? No, but they sure are the icing on the cake. It’s actually amazing how literally just a set of wheels can change the ENTIRE look and feel of a car. From zero to hero, wheels are a large part of the complicated equation for a classy, unique car.

bagged volkswagen

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Every year, thousands of enthusiasts go to the last show of the year, drive home, take off their show wheels, bolt on their steelies or winter wheels and write up “For Sale threads” for their wheels. And so the endless hunt begins for the right width, offset and style to set your car apart for next year. The excitement of finding the right set, spending the funds and picking them up or waiting for them to be delivered NEVER gets old. Finally, the much anticipated reveal when the wheels are fully bolted on and you stand at a distance just staring at your creation like you’re looking at a completely different car than what you had just half an hour before.




bagged volkswagen




John decided to be a part of the few who take the leap DURING show season. We featured him back in September of last year (“Sweet As Candy”) rocking a set of 17” Schmidt TH-Lines with color-matched faces. He rocked them through last show season, turning heads all over the northeast and becoming a crowd favorite at H2O. Knowing John lived in Jersey, I knew I would see him at Canibeat’s First Class Fitment in October, three weeks after H2O. Although I was tired from the 13 hour drive through the night, I knew John would be there but alas, no white TH-Lined Mk6. What I DID see was one good looking white Mk6 aired out on gold CCW’s. I walked over to take a better look at it (being one of the only Mk6’s there) and sitting in a chair behind the car was John. Needless to say, I was a little shocked. The car looked COMPLETELY different and all that changed was the wheels.




It just goes to show that a new set of kicks can go a long way…

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