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Mar 13, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Unternaher

Words By: Danny Rice

Drew Dorbritz’s Eos: ConVERTing The Masses

bagged Eos

Let’s be honest: we’ve all referred to convertibles as a “girl’s car” at some point in our lives. Before Miatas were hammered and stanced or before Cabriolets were aired out on RS’s, convertibles were definitely not an enthusiasts car of choice. Sure, there have been a lot of good looking ‘verts over the years (Tyrese’s Eclipse from “2 Fast 2 Furious doesn’t come to mind) but it’s been a while since one has really captured the hearts and attention of the public. Drew Dorbritz, a true and longterm enthusiast himself, decided to take a platform that had been written off and make it a neck breaker… AND HE DID.



Drew has long been a staple in the Texas VW scene due to his skills not only with custom air ride setups but his fabrication abilities when it comes to paint, hardlines and ICE. You could almost consider his Eos one of the foundational cornerstones of his company, Dorbritz Designs, which features a large assortment of suspension, wheels and other products from some of today’s best manufacturers. What began as a custom cup for his rear bag assembly (D-Cups) became the beginning of a career that has taken him somewhere he could have only dreamed.


air ride

bagged Volkswagen

When it came to his 2008 Eos, Drew spared no expense. What better way to set the ‘vert apart than one of the best air ride setups on the market? Accuair’s E-level system was the clear choice to get where he saw the car in the future. The attention to detail is impressive. The bumper signals are paint matched to the ca and the Accuair controller is molded seamlessly into what was formerly the cup-holders. Along with his custom D-cups, many other classy touches were made in order to create the masterpiece you see before you including a color matched 3 gallon tank, hard lines, dual compressors, and custom trunk setup. Finish the trunk off with a beautifully boxed sub and you have a recipe for success that even Betty Crocker would have a hard time creating.

Volkswagen stickers

Volkswagen Eos

slammed Eos

Now there’s nothing that sets off a car like a proper set of shoes. Drew started off with a set of Rotiform BLQ’s which he ran until last year. Although they are a classic design and a timeless wheel, he decided to step up his game. Staying within the Rotiform lineup, a set of 19” NUE’s were put on order and needless to say, I think he found the right look. The Eos’ lines and super low profile are complimented well by the five spoke tucked perfectly in those fender wells. A proper stance on a super clean ‘vert, top up or down, turns heads no matter what your opinion.

stance Volkswagen


While Drew may not have set out with a chip on his shoulder to prove to the world that cars with removable roofs can be attention worthy, he impressed us all with his Eos by taking his attention to detail and love for quality to the next level.

stance and fitment

Editor: Danny Rice