Ultimate Dubs 2012

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Ultimate Dubs 2012 (UK): Part 1

Ultimate Dubs is the UK’s largest Indoor VAG enthusiast’s event and holds as the year opener for the VAG scene. Everyone has had their cars tucked away in garages or body shops over the winter getting ready for this show. Most people are normally pulling an all-nighter on the Friday night or even Saturday morning of the show getting the last finishing touches ready before they make the roadtrip to Telford International Center. This year was no disappointment, with some amazing cars having made the trip to UD from all over.  With an extra hall inside this year, there was even more to feast your eyes over.  As you will see, Rotiform had a big place in this year’s show, with a massive selection of new, and never before seen wheels being debuted. Hope you guys enjoy the coverage!

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Gorgeous Porsche on some eye-catching Rotiform TMB's

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Another beautiful 964 Porsche displaying Rotiform's newest wheel, the LHR

Ultimate Dubs 2012

A Viper Green New Scirocco sitting PRETTY on some gold Rotiform TMB's...

Ultimate Dubs 2012

This Mk1 Rabbit is looking period-correct sitting on some old school BBS E30 Motorsports


Ultimate Dubs 2012

I think that intercooler is a warning...

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Close-up of the BBS E30's

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Ultimate Dubs 2012


Ultimate Dubs 2012

Another amazing view of the show venue

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Simply stunning...

Ultimate Dubs 2012

James Ford's MkIII sporting the first set of Rotiforms recently released 34-hold centers. These are Rotiform centers designed to replace you BBS RS or RF faces using your BBS lips and barrels, pretty cool!


Ultimate Dubs 2012

Rotiform KILLING it again...

Ultimate Dubs 2012

This B5 Avant was turning heads ALL DAY and not just because of the color...

Ultimate Dubs 2012

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    Page 1: ok, cool, another euro dub show

    Page 2 – end: gasping for air

  • olly holmes

    hasn’t that mk2 gti at the top of page 3 got vw transporter t5 steelies on it not ats cups?

  • Aaron

    dope dubs, but I was hoping to see a wider variety of wheels.

    • cristian loza

      Rofiform is killing it out there and their selection is starting to become unreal. We should have two more parts coming. We will try and switch it up a bit but no promises.

  • N99GT

    more on the Viper green Scirocco on gold rotiforms!!!
    please please please put atleast on wallpaper up!!

  • Wayne

    Great coverage. I cannot wait to see the next parts. These cars are beatiful.

  • 50 Deep

    I see a Maxxis Babes van, but I dont see any Maxxis Babes. Something is wrong here…

    Excellent photos however!!

  • Zak

    i understand the lighting was an issue at the venue, but these are so over edited/HDR it hurts to look at and in some shots has really spoiled it IMO.
    and is that Scirocco ‘track ready’ because you can see the tyre all the way around?

    • Alex

      I have to agree. It looks like somone slapped a Toy Camera filter on, or went insane with the Post Processing

  • Benjamin

    Wow…. Is rotiform the only wheel company in UK?….

  • nattydread

    sick show ,prosche rim bss and rotiform love those rims

  • bill

    aired out on rotiforms ::copy:: ::paste::

  • Jimmy

    Jesus, Rotiform is absolutely killing it.

    Also, what are the wheels on the grey RS4 on page 4?

  • tony

    um… sick cars…

  • Rick

    bbs out, rotiform in

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