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Ballin’ Big Bodied Beauty: Nax Whitmore’s Lexus LS430

The VIP style has invaded the states from Japan in recent years but has been its strongest in Cali and the East Coast as not only some of the best builds but strongest crews have come out of these two areas. As the style continues to gain popularity and spread into every corner of the globe, we have started to see builds come along that show us that these two areas are going to be receiving some major competition. One heavy hitter is Nax Whitmore and his superlative Lexus LS430 straight out of Florida that’s here to show that Florida can swing with the best of ‘em.

VIP Lexus LS430 (2)

VIP Lexus LS430 (3)

When Nax first got his hands on this LS430 he had one goal: to show that Florida could represent the VIP scene with the best of them. As you can see he has managed to do this by transforming his Lexus into a car that makes First Class look like Business Class. He’s given the outside a facelift all the way around from a full lip kit to a full lighting overhaul.

VIP Lexus LS430 (4)

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To make sure the interior would put people in shock and awe just like the exterior, Nax went all out to show people what VIP was all about. This included adding Navigation, TV’s, and even a rear seat that reclines and massages! The inside of this LS430 is all about showing people the finer things in life and it pulls it off perfectly.

VIP Lexus LS430 (7)

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Raymond Neice found the perfect setting for this big bodied beauty as Nax’s Lexus seems perfectly at home in this Florida hanger stacked with private jets. Nax and his Lexus LS430 prove that Florida is here to stay in the VIP scene and we can’t wait to see what else the Sunshine State has in store!

VIP Lexus LS430 (10)

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VIP Lexus LS430 (12)

Nax would like to thank: “Mack at Emerald Performance, Danny at Slammered Inc, Agi at LuxuryAbstract, Leo at stateofSTANCE and everybody else that lended a helping hand when I needed it, Big ups and nuff respect. Also a personal shout out to Raymond Neice, Bro the shoot was epic… FL in this!!”

VIP Lexus LS430 (13)

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VIP Lexus LS430 (15)

Nax Whitmore’s Lexus LS430




  • Tradition front lip and badgeless grille
  • Admiration side skirts
  • Custom rear lip
  • JP custom exhaust
  • JP 3pc rear wing
  • Celsior visors
  • Thailand roof wing
  • Custom Q45/M45 projectors retro fit w/ 8k HIDs
  • M45 side markers
  • Real Japanese illuminated front and rear license plates
  • Luxury Abstract plate frame
  • Toyota Century rear camera
  • 10pc puddle light kit
  • Polished OEM brake calipers
  • Celsior emblems
  • LED taillights
  • Rolled front fenders, rolled and pulled rear quarters

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  • JP neck pads
  • JP hip pads
  • Beat Sonic Celsior dash kit with Nav bypass and custom harness
  • Pioneer Avic Z2 with iPod and Bluetooth
  • 7″ headrest TVs
  • Garson DAD a/c vent/ pedals and shift knob crystals
  • Custom cleared out & LED third brake light
  • Celsior data system air suspension controller
  • Custom OEM painted engine covers
  • OEM rear refrigerator Rear reclining and massaging seats

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  • VIP Modulars 20×10 et0 F / 20×12 et-0 R
  • Youzealand Suspension kit

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