Bilsport Performance 2012

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Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2012 (Sweden)

The largest motor show in Sweden is called Bilsport Performance and Custom Motor Show and it is visited by at least 70 000 people every year. For 4 days you can find cars from all types of styles, ranging from Lowriders to extreme trucks, racing cars, stanced cars and even bikes. This exhibition is the start of car year for us in Sweden and in addition to the car show, there is a lot of illegal racing,  meetups and burnout contests in town, an experience in itself!

I thought I may show what you can find in Sweden at the moment. Unfortunately, Sweden has been late to pick up the Stance style, but over the last year an increasing number of people have found the style and started to modify their cars in pursuit of creating the perfect stance and fitment.

Besides Stance I’ve also included some cool racing cars with a few different engine swaps, unlike the swaps you can see in the United States. Enjoy!

Bilsport Performance 2012 (1)

Marcus' Honda Integra with BBS RS, front: 15*8 ET 11 and back 15*9 ET -1

Bilsport Performance 2012 (2)

Bilsport Performance 2012 (3)

Complete wire tuck, complete brake-line tuck and ABS deleted, Clutch-line tuck and fuel-line tuck. Bay is completely shaved and all the holes are filled. That's what Marcus have been doing this winter.

Bilsport Performance 2012 (4)

Bilsport Performance 2012 (5)

Honda access wheel by Momo and Recaro seats.

Bilsport Performance 2012 (6)

This Lexus rocks Work gnosis gs-2 18x9.5 with 215/40 in the front and 18x10 with 225/40 in the back. Also has a custom made bodykit!

Bilsport Performance 2012 (7)

This R33 is painted in a Honda color named B53P Celestial blue and has a Epr-racing Type VS Carbon fiber lip

Bilsport Performance 2012 (8)

From R33 to Time Attack R31! The car is gonna be used for track purpose only.

Bilsport Performance 2012 (9)

So guys, I heard you have some cool Volvos in the US, this is what we have in sweden. On pic, a Volvo 850

Bilsport Performance 2012 (10)

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