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Apr 8, 2012

Photography By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Words By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Random Beat: Built To Order Acura TSX


The innovative custom wheel choices available within the industry today has seen many different implementations with cars and their owners. The choices available in finishes and styles have almost become an extension of the driver themselves, illustrating the persona that lies beneath. For Alfa Rein, this is most definitely the case!

What we have here is an Acura TSX, better known as the Honda Accord Euro in Australia. Alfa Rein, the owner has a love for this car’s shape, this one here is his second love! Shortly after acquiring the car, Alfa approached the folks over at Built To Order who recommended the quality wheel line from VIP Modular Wheels. Not long after an order was placed on the VX310, which has been finished in Dubai Gold to set the car off and attract nothing but attention!

“This is the first car to come out for Infamous Crew, we wanted it to be different and it needed to make people talk!”, explains Alfa. While we can definitely foresee that the execution of this car is set to receive mixed opinions, it’s certainly a welcomed change. For now, we’ll leave you with this Random Beat desktop, which was snapped just a few hours after the wheels were fitted, the full feature will follow shortly. Until then, feel free to leave your thoughts with us below!

Editor: cristian loza