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The Ruck Out! 2012 Official Coverage

With the Ruckus scene growing in popularity during the past couple of months, it was within due time that there would be an event to showcase these ‘scoots’. This is where Alpinestars, Standard Functions, and Fatlace stepped in to give the enthusiasts what they wanted and presented the community with “The Ruck Out” event on March 24, 2012. The event was held at the Alpinestars facility in Torrance, CA but before the event all three companies planned out a ride for all the attendee’s. The ride started from the Illest store in Little Tokyo, to Honda’s headquarters in Torrance, CA for a quick pit stop before heading out to the end location at Alpinestars.

I didn’t take many photos during the ride since I was doing both Instagram photos as well as taking shots with my DSLR. If you want to check out some dope shots during the ride, check out the “@canibeat_crew” on Instragram photostream and be sure to follow us for more exclusive and unseen pictures that don’t make our blog and facebook.

The Ruck Out (51)

Half the scooters in attendance, waiting on the go ahead to roll out.


The Ruck Out

Posted in front of Illest.


The Ruck Out (50)

Getting ready to head out to Honda headquarters.


The Ruck Out (49)

As you can see, there were plenty of riders who came out. Glad to see everyone appreciating the work on their fellow riders scoot.


The Ruck Out (48)

Finally made it to Honda headquarters.


The Ruck Out (47)

Honda took very good care of everyone and passed out cold beverages to all who needed it.


The Ruck Out (46)

The Ruck Out (45)

Not just Rucks' at this event.


The Ruck Out (44)

The Ruck Out (43)

A view from the other side of the pack and Kevin from Standard Functions updating his Instagram(@fatphos, @standardfunctions)


The Ruck Out (42)

Yogi from Illest.

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