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Jun 11, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Eibach Springs Honda Meet 2012

eibach-springs-honda-meet (18)

It’s been a while since I’ve put up some actual coverage or even an actual post on Canibeat so I must first apologize for my lack of activity. I’ve recently had a chance to work with many companies I used to only dream of working with, so bare with me and when I am allowed to release them, you will be able to see them on Canibeat. Anyway, though I have a much more busy schedule nowadays, I decided to take a break from it all and head over to the Eibach Springs Honda Meet today.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Honda guy so go easy on me. I can totally tell you the difference between a BMW E30 and F10, but when it comes to Honda’s EK’s, EP3′s, Si’s and so on it’s a total foreign language to me. However, it’s nice to step away from the BMW scene and immerse in a day of total JDM.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (3)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (4)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (5)

Some top notch cars showed up at the meet and I was pleased to see that many were built to be driven. These 8th gens were obviously built with quality parts.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (7)

Probably the most aggressive front end I’ve personaly seen on a CR-Z.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (8)

Very few know this about me, but my very first car ever was a 1989 Honda Accord LX with the flip up head lights. Ever since then I’ve always had a soft spot for older generation Hondas. This EF was right up my alley. The setup was superb thanks mainly to the Ewing wheels and the pristine condition the car itself was in.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (9)

More track Hondas.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (10)

Again, I love old school Hondas, and this one was no exception. The rebarreled Mugen M7′s on this Accord really set it apart and caught my attention.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (11)

How do people keep cars that are close to 20 years old in such immaculate condition?

eibach-springs-honda-meet (12)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (13)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (14)

Lot’s of setups were on point even in the eyes of a guy who knows close to nothing about Honda’s. One can really appreciate the amount of time, effort, sweat, tears, blood, and money put into these quality Hondas. It makes me wonder how much of a build I could possibly do if I sold my BMW and all the modifications on it. The fact that I actually had that thought means that I can admire these builds one by one without bias regardless of the car’s make.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (19)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (20)

Both these Intergras sound beastly on the track. The Volk goodness adds to them a whole lot. The urge to buy a Type-R is rising.

eibach-springs-honda-meet (21)

eibach-springs-honda-meet (22)

I remember back in the days like 1997, Wings West, Z fenders, missing grills and front windshield license plate frames were super awesome. Sorry pizza boy, road’s closed.

Editor: John Zhang