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Royal Flush X KSP-Productions X Canibeat (Video)

Last month I started an epic trip I called Project XXIV, which consisted of a road trip across the united states. Last about 24 days and stretching more then 15000 kilometers, the quest was to capture all the automotive stuff I could find. Surfing on Facebook I found the Royal Flush crew, based in California, a crew well known in the VIP/stance and fitment scene with so many crazy rides. I finally got the chance to meet a small part of the crew for a photoshoot on a Saturday night. After being kicked out of our first spot we decided to report the video the day after, with even less cars this time. Nothing was really planned for the video but it all worked out and turned out good in the end. I had some great times and I hope one day I will be able to go back there for more crazy camber action.

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