Eurokracy 2012

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A Look Back: Eurokracy 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

The 2012 Edition of Eurokracy took place over the weekend of June 23rd at the Autodrome St Eustache Race Track just outside of Montreal. Last year was the first year of the Canadian Euro show and sadly, it poured rain during the entire event but even with the rain, the event was an overwhelming success. Luckily this year, show go-ers were greeted with beautiful weather and the amount of cars that showed up was well over what was expected.

The event started early for me as I had to get there before the show actually started since my car (company car) was going in our booth. Once I was set up, I walked around and snapped some pics of people setting up, cleaning their cars, etc. Before I knew it, the line to get in was all the way out to the street outside of the track grounds. The nice weather really was a determining factor and brought everybody out to show off their Euro, JDM, and Domestic creations. As the cars piled in, I was very impressed with the quality of cars that were showing up including a good number of Canibeat feature cars from months past.

Deep dish and classic styling are always welcome...


Gotta love those gnarly builds...


E. Thirty. Sex.


B(right)5 S4


BMW Styling is timeless


Hammered Flat Black Wagons always do it for me...


Tracks: for racing AND washing


Not just your mom's Volvo

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  • Thoma

    Love the green Miata!

  • Fastphil

    JAG hits another one out of the park! Good job dude. Wish I had taken the time to walk around and see the cars for myself!

  • Solar

    I have seen that Cobra before. Nicely done but how did he overcome the h-pipe issue which is actually lower then the fram itself.

    • Fastphil

      The Cobra was featured here on Canibeat back in October 2011. The cats and mufflers are indeed the lowest parts of the car but they’re replaceable, so who cares!

  • Tim

    Please tell me you have more on the two Audi’s second photo page 3.

  • jeders

    any info on the wheel size, suspension, etc on the mazda3? nastyyyyy

    • Fastphil

      If you mean the sedan, it was featured on Air Society. you’ll probably find the specs there.

  • nattydread

    great show dope wagons

  • FRigizZ

    I was very happy to see that the photos are in high definition, thanks buddy :D

  • FRigizZ

    I was very happy to see that the photos are in high definition, thanks buddy :D

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