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Jul 9, 2012

Photography By: Jeremy Alan Glover

Words By: Jeremy Alan Glover

A Look Back: Eurokracy 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

Eurokracy 2012

I decided to start “working” since the amount of cars gave me a lot to cover. As I made my way through the show, I saw so many cars that were quality enough to grace the pages of magazines and the homepages of international automotive blogs. The more I walked around, the more surprised I was at the turnout; even the owner of the race track was impressed with the turn out. I made my way most of the way to the back of the track when I decided to go back and switch out cards.  Good thing I did because as soon as I swapped memory cards, the Limbo Contest was about to begin. This was actually my first time seeing a limbo competition in person so I was not sure what to expect. Last years winner was a bagged Z4 and since he won last year, it waited on the side for the other competitors to go first. There were a bunch of low cars setting the bar as the competition went on. Leading the comp was a slammed miata (look for the canibeat feature soon). The miata looked like it would be taking the top spot until a Mk1 VW Cabrio pulls up on 4 spare tires and running a gnarly looking external turbo setup. The guys get out of the car and drop the windshield, Jeep style, making the crowd go crazy! After that pass, last years winner did not really have a chance and the little cabrio took the win!

I spy with my little eye....


Porsches never get old


Sexy 1-series....


Great Corrado representation...


Always sitting so well


A little older than it's flat black counterpart but JUST as sexy


Woodgrain Odyssey?


Because Drift Machine


Awesome Beetle/Truck conversion


Now THAT'S a downpipe


Editor: Danny Rice