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Jul 9, 2012

Photography By: Jeremy Alan Glover

Words By: Jeremy Alan Glover

A Look Back: Eurokracy 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

Eurokracy 2012

As with any good Euro show, there was a burn out competition. Tire destruction is always fun to see when there’s torque present! The event was a great, smoky time and the smell of burning rubber put a smile on everyone’s faces. The now winner of the limbo competition hooked up to a big Ford truck and lit them up until the little spare tires could not take it anymore and self destructed. Winner of the burn out competition ended up being a Mk3 motor-swapped Golf running some serious boost!

TH-Lines are ALWAYS called for on a Mk3....


Hello, ladies!


Easy on the paint!


Yes, that Mustang is bagged...




These new Memory Fab wheels are KILLIN it



Editor: Danny Rice