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Jul 20, 2012

Photography By: Danny Rice, Anthony Sundell

Words By: Danny Rice

A Refreshing Look Back: Beatersville Car & Bike Show | Louisville, KY


Throughout each show season and throughout the years, the car scene will undoubtedly become monotonous or “old”. Not because the content of the scene or the cars themselves are boring but because the scenery stays the same. Sure, cars and fads come and go but with the scenes being so close knit (Euro, JDM, etc), you are bound to see the same people and same cars at the shows you attend each year and for years to come. This is one of the best parts of being a gearhead because it allows you to make those lifelong friends and be part of a larger community from all over the country but it can also be frustrating because the scenery can become mundane.

Every year in late May, however, a very unique event occurs in Louisville, KY that provides a breath of fresh air and transports you to a car meet from the mid-20th century where even your most retro clothes look too modern…


The Beatersville Car & Bike Show is an event for pre-1968 traditional hot rods and custom cars as well as motorcycles and trucks.  From custom rods to rat rods to original Harleys, it’s all here and from the second you walk in the gate, you are in a completely different world. Not only is Beatersville known for its amazing display of classic metal, it’s also famous for its period correct atmosphere.  Everywhere you look, you see pin-up girls, slicked back hair-dos and cigarette cartons rolled up in sleeves like James Dean himself was there.  It’s almost impossible to describe the nostalgia that overwhelms you as you’re walking amidst some of the greatest classics ever built in an environment lending legitimacy to the purpose of the show.  From on-site pin-striping to the seemingly pervasive patina and smell of oil and rusted metal, this show provides the Midwest a place to relive the good ‘ol days and show off some of its buried barn treasures.


Editor: Danny Rice