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Jul 20, 2012

Photography By: Danny Rice, Anthony Sundell

Words By: Danny Rice

A Refreshing Look Back: Beatersville Car & Bike Show | Louisville, KY



One of the best parts of the show has to be the lack of true “show cars”.  It’s called “Beatersville” for a reason and as you walk around, you start to appreciate the rat rod style that is the most present at the event.  Although there are quite a few pre-68’s there with perfect paint jobs and interiors, the show’s overwhelming display of rusted bodies, chopped tops, and home-welded modifications gives the event a feel that it’s meant for anyone and everyone, not just those with $50k to drop into a classic.  Even the rules for the show reflect the atmosphere they are trying to create: “No Trailer Queens (there’s a lot of dirt here and we’d hate to get your pretty car all dirty)”, “Cars must be period correct (if it has digital gauges or led lights, this ain’t the show for you)”, and “No billet… It’s pretty but it doesn’t belong here”.  Not only are unfinished rods allowed in but they are encouraged to attend since this show is built around the Average Joe.


Editor: Danny Rice