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Jul 10, 2012

Photography By: Matt Best

Words By: Matt Best

Black Beauty: Brent Henson’s Honda Accord


“I want people to wonder whether it is static or bagged,” Brent Henson from Chickamauga, Georgia told me. Brent wanted to turn an everyday ’02 Accord into a jaw dropper and he did just that.

When he bought his Accord right out of high school, there were no plans to lower it. However, he noticed friends of his were lowering their cars and he continually saw amazing builds on multiple forums. Slowly but surely, Brent caught the fitment fever and decided to start the process that would eventually bring his Accord to reach the neck breaking status it is today.

We met in Atlanta on an early weekend morning to shoot his car and to catch up on his future plans. We sat down by a window at a coffee shop with his car outside in plain sight. As we drank our coffee and talked, we couldn’t help but to notice person after person stop on their way in and simply stare at his car. When you watch a complete stranger mouth the word “Wow” while staring at your car, it gives you a certain sense of accomplishment.

Deciding what direction to go with the build was tough for Brent. He was torn between a clean, VIP look and a track inspired race theme. He decided to do his version of merging the two styles.

Function & Form Type I Coilovers were first on the list of to do’s, followed by Work Euroline DH wheels to complete his beautiful fitment. (Front: 18×9+25 Rear: 18×10+25) For exhaust, he installed a Tenabe Medallion touring cat-back system to add a certain growl when cruising or getting on it. Brent then put his focus on the body.  A 98-00 Sedan front-end conversion and a Morimoto Mini H1 projector retrofit had the front end looking spectacular. Next was an AIT Racing carbon fiber roof spoiler and Wings West Sedan W-Type full lip kit. A fully shaved trunk completed the body to create an elegant, very unique look.

A lot of modifying had to take place to get the Sedan Lip Kit to fit onto his coupe. Brent has Shannon Born Street Machines to thank for cutting and molding the lips and side skirts to fit perfectly and still look natural.

Opening the driver door caught me off guard after gazing at such a clean, low and wide exterior. I was greeted with a fully gutted rear seat and DC5 Recaro racing seats up front. The Gann family at Lifetime Muffler and Brake are to thank for fabricating custom seat rails in order to accommodate for the Recaros. The NRG deep dish racing wheel and quick release really add to the look of a track car interior and help complete the look he was going for.

As you grip the wheel wrapped in suede and sink into the Recaros, the comfort quickly takes over. The red LED interior light conversion and bubble shift knob caught my eyes next and add a little extra flare to boost the looks of the interior to far surpass any Accord I’ve ever sat in.

As we sat in the coffee shop, I asked Brent what’s next. He chuckled and replied, “Five lug swap, new wheels…” Apparently he wasn’t joking because the day after our shoot his wheels were gone and I started seeing Facebook photo updates with the five lug swap and rear disk conversion already underway. Brent later told me some other plans he has for the Accord: “I either want to slowly start piecing together a turbo setup or save up forever and do something very unique… a RWD conversion.”

Needless to say, Brent’s Accord is a jaw dropper. It breaks necks. It stops people in their tracks. If you’re ever sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant in Atlanta or North Georgia and you see a group of people gathering in the parking lot with their mouths open, there’s a good chance Brent’s Accord is the center of their attention.

Brent would like to give a big thanks to Evan Krajesky for helping install everything and his vision for the build!

Editor: Danny Rice