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Jul 31, 2012

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

Widebody Brotherhood: Kamil and David Dymon’s E46 and R32


Everyone has different style and taste, however never have I faced such mixed feelings about two cars until now. What makes these two really stand out? The brothers who built them.

Kamil and David Dymon are two brothers who are the most down to earth people I’ve met in a while. I first met them in their hometown, Chicago, during a bag install for WCI’s company R32. Neither of them knew Chris but were down to help with his set-up. Chris along with many others have been helped out by the Dymon brothers in a big way. Every feature I’ve ever done out of Chicago has a positive comment about them.

Many may recognize Kamil’s E46. It’s dropped on its frame, static and goes through a different set of wheels on the regular. What some may not realize is this is not a show drop, it’s a daily driven car on Midwest’s worst roads. Kamil has gone through at least 20 different sets of wheel ranging widths between 9.5 to his set up now – Vintage HRE 501 17×11 and 17×12.5! Now that’s wide!

The pulled fenders match up with an M3 rear bumper, just below Kamil’s Vorsteiner CSL boot lid. His shaved front fenders, also pulled, sit above an OEM 3 series coupe front. The inside is gutted with the exception of Carbon Fiber trim, CSL carbon fiber center console, Bride Zeta III seats and 4 pt. Camlock Takata Harness. Kamil also sports a NRG quick release.

David is a quiet guy, but his work speaks for itself. His brother, Kamil, is really who got him hooked into building cars though. After seeing what his brother has done with the E46, David was determined to rival Kamil with his R32. Both powerful, pulled and low, their style is definitely unique.

Originally static with a notched frame David wanted to keep going lower and lower. Finally he decided to go ahead and set up an Air system running a V1 controlled Air House 2′s in back and Air lift XL’s in the front. His interior is re-wrapped in red mahogany. David’s wood false floor is custom made along with his hard lines. A huge thanks goes out to Mike Grozdanoivc for his help with the install.

When air was done David got right into shaving, rolling and pulling. His Hatch, front fenders, and rear bumper are all fully shaved along with a custom boser hood. His OEM fenders are pulled hard over Compomotive TS’ fully refinished 17×8 front and 17×10 rears with polished lips and painted red faces to match his interior. Hiding under the boser hood sits a 55v HID kit.

Both brothers unique approach on their cars will have a love-hate relationship with the critics of this scene. However at the end of the day neither will pay much attention to what the crowd thinks, they build their cars for their enjoyment, just the way it should be, and I can dig that attitude.

Kamil Dymon’s  E46 BMW


  • OEM Coupe Front Bumper W/ Deleted Foglights
  • OEM Front Fenders Pulled W/ Shaved Signals
  • OEM M3 Side Skirts
  • E30 DTM Rear View Mirrors
  • Full Metal Wide body Rear Fender Flares
  • Widened OEM M3 Rear
  • CSL Rear Diffuser W/ Shaved Quad Exhaust
  • Vorsteiner CSL Trunk


  • Fully Gutted Interior
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  • CSL Carbon Fiber Center Console
  • NRG Quick Release
  • Bride Zeta III Sport Seats
  • 4 pt. Camlock Takata Harnesses
  • Full Polish VAC Motorsport Seat Mount Brackets

Engine & Transmission

  • Catless Performance Headers
  • Upgraded 3.46 Rear Diff
  • Gruppe-M Intake
  • Custom Exhaust W/ Turndown
  • Tuned


  • Vintage HRE 501 17X11 ET25
  • Vintage HRE 501 17X12.5 ET22
  • Custom Valved Broadway Static Suspension W/ Fully Adjustable Camber Plates
  • K-Sport Adjustable Camber Arms


David Dymon’s Volkswagen MK4 R32


  • OEM Shaved Hatch
  • OEM Shaved Front Fenders
  • OEM Shaved Front Bumper
  • OEM Shaved Rear Bumper
  • Custom Boser Hood
  • OEM Flared Rear Fenders Pulled
  • OEM Flared Front Fenders Pulled
  • Tailights Vinyl Wrapped Ocean Clear with Red
  • Depo HIDs W/55v HID Kit


  • Custom Interior Re-wrap In Red Mahogany
  • Custom Wood False Floor
  • Custom Polished Tank and Hardlines
  • GPS System Installed

Engine & Transmission

  • Resonator Delete
  • Flapper Mod Open Into Turn Downs
  • 6 Speed


  • Compomotive TS Full Custom Made Wheels W/ Polished Lip
  • Front 17×8 ET-14
  • Rear 17×10 ET-37
  • Custom Air House 2′s (Rear Bags)
  • Airlift XL’s (Front Bags)
  • V1 Controller
  • Frame Notch

Editor: Ethan Watson