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Deep in the city of Philadelphia, amongst the beat up taxi cabs, boring economy cars, and speeding limousines, there came a candy purple xB from New Jersey. Darren Balico’s little box attracted all sorts of attention in Center City.  Everyone, from businessmen in tinted Town Cars to late night crowds looking for the next party, took notice of the gleaming purple box everywhere it went. Every person walking the streets seemed to have a compliment, some even stopped to ask if it was for sale.

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Without a terrifyingly loud exhaust note, onlookers were undoubtedly drawn in by sheer visual appeal and build quality of the little xB. The Scion was painted in original factory Murasaki Purple, still looking fresh after the two hour drive from New Jersey. To make the Scion stand out from the rest of the scene, custom 19×9 and 19×10 DPE R10’s were ordered. This, Darren admitted, was the biggest challenge. “I would sit in my fender wells with a tape measure and calculate different offsets I could possibly run,” he adds. Being a Jersey daily, the xB runs an Accuair E-level setup for added convenience and a custom built camber kit.

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Before Darren purchased the xB, he actually visited the Toyota dealership looking for an FJ Cruiser. As he walked to the dealer’s desk, he noticed the strange purple box in the corner. Knowing this platform was commonly a victim of poorly chosen and tasteless modification, Darren took up the challenge to create an “East Coast meets West Coast” flavored xB. Backed by authentic brands and quality parts, the xB was built to inspire and kick off the East Coast stance movement.

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This shoot, sadly, is the last we’re going to see of Darren’s xB. The car is being parted out, and made a daily, to fund Darren’s latest project: an S14. Special thanks for the build do go out to Tony Burgos for the headliner, Sean from DPE Wheels, Yuta from Wheelflip, Pasquale, Ahmad aka Madie Carpizo, Fernando J.R Roxas, Andrew and Brendan from Open Road Tuning, NJ & NY Scikotics, Randode, and Lux Motorwerks. “I can finally say,” Darren contends, “that the XB went out with a bang.

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