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The Invasion: John Kim’s Lamborghini Gallardo

From the start there has always been a fair share of nay-sayers when it came to the stance scene. Even with all of the negativity against “Stance” it has managed to change our car scene. It use to be that Honda guys would never be caught dead with a Volkswagen guy and vice-versa but because of this silly trend you see groups with all makes, models and styles. Stance has even managed to stretch outside of just JDM and Euro cars with people getting their hands on Domestics and even trucks in search of the perfect stance no matter where the manufacturer calls home. Stance now has its eyes on yet another demographic that people never thought it would reach – Exotics.

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (1)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (2)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (3)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (4)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (5)

We’ve started to see a few scattered exotics come out and of course a multitude of photoshops. None have been to the extreme of where the other import guys are currently at but we have to remember that this is just the start. John Kim, the owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, use to actually be the owner of a pretty sick S14 but as he got older and more successful was able to step in the world but his taste for being low never changed. John’s Lamborghini is proof that no matter what car scene you are in, it isn’t safe from the spread of Stance, so be warned… its coming if it isn’t already there…

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (6)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (7)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (8)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (9)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (10)

Lamborghini on Rotiforms (11)

  • Jon

    well that was a short article… no specs?

  • Aseke

    Вот это машинка!!!!

  • gdirty5

    I don’t like it at all…

  • TerryJ

    Great,now all he has to do is Twin Turbo this beast if he wants.

  • Stix

    I could not care less about this car. 0 effort.

  • hotrod2

    that’s the problem with exotics, you really have to go overboard to make a difference. Just wheels? I agree with Stix… 0 effort on this one. Exotics are in a separate league please don’t mix them with the quality builds you guys typically post. Bagged with extreme fitment then maybe it would be worth a second look.


    Fucking clean. nice as fuck.

  • Connor

    shit looks sick why are people hating? not enough mods? lmao its not a 240 it doesn’t need mods to be sick

  • John

    Prior design LP560 bumper,
    Candy apply red calipers,
    Kevlar clutch,
    Wheel spacers,
    Painted emblems,
    Painted tips,
    White markers,
    Teal 20″ BLQ Rotiform ,
    Carbonic air box,
    LOC exhaust,

    • Alex

      John, you from Montana!? Couldn’t help but notice the plates, clean car for sure! I am a fellow Montanan, if only people really understood the roads we have to deal with year round here….

  • Kai

    The problem with these cars is that the “average” person won’t know the difference between a prior design LP560 Bumper and so on. That’s why they hate on such cars and say that it’s not modded.
    For the most people, it’s just a lambo with different wheels. Good for you, John! And congratulations to be able to afford such a car!

    Greetings from Germany

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