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Sep 10, 2012

Photography By: Rodney Ty

Words By: Jess Kang

Triple Z: The Journeys of Ivan, Peter, and Rodney’s Nissan 350Z’s

Nissan 350Z

Down the strips of San Gabriel Valley, South California, are three friends that share a bond as close as brotherhood. Through their long years of friendship that started from walking the distance, to now sharing a love for both particularity and commonality of cars, they have been faced with challenges, accidents, and failure. Undeniably, these unfortunate situations have gotten many to give up and lose motivation for the hobby they spend days and nights over, but with the support of each other, these three friends have risen and conquered their ideas to reality. But even as people grow together, their individuality shines through any pressure to conform.

“There is not only one “right” way your car should look, the important thing is that you create the look of your car base on your own taste or style.” – Rodney Ty

As Nissan Z owners, they have each put their personal concepts into their cars, while still maintaining a lineage that senses union and kinship.

Nissan 350 (13)

Ivan Tang initially brought home a white 2007 350z Enthusiast and the project began. As many of us face this certain challenge of working on a daily driver, we tend to admittedly deny the facts that there are many risks involved. Especially for Ivan, this risk became a reality, as his daily commute consisted him of driving extended distances in some of the more unrelenting roads of California. With his first kit all around, a tire in the middle of the road costed him his entire Authentic Full Ings kit, which broke in half and laid along the pavement. Debilitated but still determined, Ivan placed an Amuse kit on the Z, but his string of bad luck cost him that kit as well. Unmotivated, his only feasible option left was to part and sell the car. Shortly after the hapless events, the “hellaflush” era had started to take route into the community of cars and became ingrained into the culture that we so desperately ache for today. Inspired by the scene, Ivan took his steps back into the garage and back to the Z he had regretfully given up.

Nissan 350 (12)

Nissan 350 (11)

Aiming to give this car the “VIP” approach, the previous white paint on the car was coated in the beautiful “Grigio Telesto” gray originally parented by Lamborghini. With his friend Rodney’s suggestions, Ivan went accordingly with a Nismo V3 front bumper and complemented it with the Amuse sides and rear to complete another kit that he’s sure will be a success. To finish off the ornate appearance of his Z, Work Eurolines DH’s were carefully placed upon JIC FLT-A2 coilovers. The width of the wheels, 19×10 and 19×11, completed his vision of the infamous stretched and cambered assemble. As a member of the impressive Royal Flush crew, his Nissan Z now sits as an accomplishment in Ivan’s eyes.

Nissan 350 (10)

Nissan 350 (9)

As members of this automotive society, we all know that one friend who cannot keep his new set of wheels on for very long, and some of us secretly wish we could change our shoes as often as he can. Rodney Ty and his 2008 San Marino Blue 350z have been under a great deal of changes: 4 sets of superior wheels in 3 years! From XD-9′s to AME-TM02′s, and shortly after, CE28′s to the favorable TE37′s, Rodney’s struggle to find the perfect set of wheels had become a frustrating chore. Aspiring for the sporty look, he recollected the details of how he envisioned his car. Rodney was finally able to sit back, relax, and breathe a sigh of relief with Diamond Black RE30′s carried flawlessly with the sport theme that he has been longing to achieve.

“Although Volks might not be as popular as they were before, still will be known for the their functionality.  There is something about forged monoblocks that just screams motorsports. ” – Rodney Ty

Also flaunting the Nismo V3 front bumper, he concluded to continue the Nismo V3 line and added the side skirts as well, indifferent to the Amuse skirts he had on previously. The stock Brembos behind the 19×10 and 19×11 RE30′s gave the car a certain pop that our eyes immediately catch. As satisfied as we are, Rodney finally feels the of justice and ease of mind that he had been hoping for all these years.

Nissan 350 (8)

Nissan 350 (7)

While many of us are stung with hopelessness or battle unclear decisions, there are some that can settle with what they have (but never for too long). When Peter Vong purchased his 2004 Silver 350z Enthusiast, a few add-ons were spread scarcely throughout the car and Varrstoens fixed the replacement of his stock wheels. Although the Z had alluringly clean lines, Peter was never too happy with the overall appearance. Still, he put his display aside and persisted to drive his Z down the streets until one afternoon, he was tragically involved in an accident with another vehicle running a red light.

Nissan 350 (6)

Nissan 350 (5)

With his safety on his side, his sudden change of heart directed him to express his own personality into his car. Determined to achieve the best of both worlds, Peter found himself treading along the lines of both innovation and sport. Due to the mishap of Ivan’s fiberglass kits, Rodney suggested the pattern and without hesitation, Peter installed the Nismo V3 kit along with Amuse sides and rears. To counterpart the new and improved look,  Peter inquired on 3 piece Burning Black VS-XX wheels, which executed the final touches of his ultimate goal. Running with 19×9.5 in the front and 19×11 in the rear, the quality proved no match to his previous set up. Able to happily call his car his own, Peter’s mishap resulted in bringing his vision to life.

Nissan 350 (4)

Nissan 350 (3)

As the three Nissan Z’s lined up for the photoshoot, Rodney had one clear intention he wished to capture through his lens.

“The beauty of this shoot really shows that there is no right or wrong way to go about fixing up your car.  It is all subjective and… versatility is nice. This is what keeps the car scene fresh. ” – Rodney Ty

In such an area where the modification game is amped up to a whole other level, there are sure to be disagreements over a certain look, a certain feel and sometimes over absolutely nothing. Despite how the crowd decides, Ivan, Peter, and Rodney are classic examples to how even through adversity, self-expression always prevails. The uniqueness of each Z that is portrayed through each owner’s eyes is undeniably beautiful and their journey to how they got there is just as sentimental. Three distinct approaches to the car community have all stemmed from one bond, one friendship between three different men with diverse tastes and individual ventures.

“When it comes down to it, we may not like a few things here and there about each others’ cars, but we definitely can appreciate the work that goes into it.” – Rodney Ty

Nissan 350 (2)

Nissan 350 (1)

Ivan’s Grigio Telesto Paint Job 350z


  • Nismo Front Bumper v3
  • Amuse Sides and Rear
  • Asuka Double Hump Roof
  • Seibon TS Hood
  • Grigio Telesto Paint Job

Suspension & Wheels

  • JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers
  • Work Eurolines DH 19×10 19×11
  • 225/35/19 245/35/19


  • HKS True Dual Exhaust
  • Berk HFC


  • King of Vertex Steering wheel
  • ARC Shiftknob
  • Zen Enclosure custom box
  • 2 10′ W1 JL Subwoofers
  • JL Amp

Rodney’s San Marino Blue 350z


  • Nismo V3 Front Bumper
  • Nismo V3 Side Skirts
  • Amuse Rear

Suspension & Wheels/Brakes

  • Diamond Black Volk RE30s
  • 19X10 +25 w/ 20mm Spacers, 19X11 +30 w/ 15mm Spacers
  • 245/35/19 275/35/19
  • H&R Coilovers
  • Top Speed Front and Rear Sways
  • Powergrid Endlinks
  • Upgraded to OEM Brembos w/ drilled Slotted Rotors
  • Stoptech Stainless Steel Lines


  • Exoticspeed R1 Exhaust
  • K&N Drop in Filters


  • >Evo-R Titanium Shift Knob

Peter’s Silver 350z


  • Nismo V3 Front Bumper
  • Amuse Side Skirts
  • Amuse Rear
  • 2006-2008 Headlamps
  • 2006-2008 Rear Rear Taillights

Suspension & Wheels/Brakes

  • Burning Black VS-XX
  • 19X9.5 +15 – R Disk, 19X11 +23 – O Disk w/ 15mm spacers all around
  • 245/35/19 275/35/19
  • Tein Basics
  • Top Speed Front and Rear Sways
  • Powergrid Endlinks
  • Willwood 6 Piston Front Brakes w/ Drilled and Slotted Rotors


  • Stillen True Dual Exhaust
  • Injen Short Ram Intake


  • Personal Grita Leather Steering Wheels w/ Red Stitching
  • Nismo Titanium Shift Knob

Editor: cristian loza