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Wekfest East 2012: Edison, NJ (Official Photo Coverage)

The time finally rolled around, and our group from the Midwest were stoked. We managed to get our WekEast weekend started bright and early with a long train of cars caravanning together from the Chi to the Garden State. Our caravan of cars was so big, from all over Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, that we had to meet in Indiana as our first meeting point. Mind you, this is only group one. We had a second group leaving the next day as well.

The first rest stop that we had made was in Ohio for lunch, hey we all need to eat right?

Chicago’s line up of cars [left to right] Ray’s Evo X, Gene’s 370z, Clive’s STI, Sergey’s MR2, my LS400, Jonathan’s Sonata, and Rob’s GS300.

After some good food, and some time to stretch our legs, we were back on the road. Here are some of the rolling shots that I managed to take of the cars.

wekfest east coverage (2)

Chitown rolling deep

wekfest east coverage (3)

Jonathan’s Sonata

wekfest east coverage (4)

Rob’s subtle setup Gs

After being on the road for about 4 hours, even though we were well fed, it was time to feed our babies. Clearly this gas station couldn’t fit all of us at once, so like nice little kids that we are, we all waited in line.

wekfest east coverage (5)

Gas stop, middle of nowhere, PA

……and then once again…. time to hit the road. At least we had the pleasure of having a surplus of good looking cars to constantly look at to keep us entertained.

wekfest east coverage (6)

Sergey’s UPS brown MR2

wekfest east coverage (7)

Evo Shark attacking PA

Unfortunately though, we had our first casualty and Sergey’s MR2 somehow managed to lose his rear valance and we all had to stop at the nearest Rest Stop. After we fixed the problem, we had a nice quiet drive… with some spirited driving to keep ourselves awake we finally made it to our destination. It was time for some rest and relaxation, and a chance to knock out from the long drive.

wekfest east coverage (8)

Fading in the dark

Excited to be at our destination, we were up bright and early on Saturday and made our way over to the Big Apple and our first destination: Times Square.

wekfest east coverage (9)

Time Square

We spent the whole day doing our own random things, and just enjoying the sites that New York had to offer us. Not to mention we were just trying to kill time before the NY SNTRL/Chicago meet that we were waiting for once it hit night time. Yes, WekEast was the highlight of this trip, but meeting the SNTRL group of NY to help block their streets was one of the coolest things that I have ever done. Driving through Times Square with 80+ cars, blocking all the traffic was by far one of the best car experience that I have had. I wish I had been able to take more pictures for you guys to enjoy but I was a little too busy navigating my way and avoiding giant potholes.

wekfest east coverage (10)

Gene’s Z cruising through manhattan

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