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Oct 30, 2012

Photography By: Jesse Godin

Words By: Andy Carter

A Lady’s Touch: Erin Allard’s Bagged WRX

bagged WRX

Aftermarket automotive culture has never really been a place that catered to the fairer sex. From late nights spent in a dusty garage working with dirty tools while beer-swigging bros tell even dirtier jokes, to the meets and shows that cater to base masculine desires with scantily-clad models and greasy food. One only has had to observe the faces of some girlfriends and wives continuously checking their phones, internally debating on whether enough time has passed to warrant an attempt at a getaway. But interestingly though, there often seems to be a unique brand of girl at these events; one with genuine interest and investment into the scene. While there has always been the girlfriend cars, obviously modified by significant others without the good sense to leave well enough alone, these ladies’ builds aren’t inspired and produced by any motive of false impression to win over the interest of their crush. These girls are legitimate players in the scene, with designs and projects just as real and honest as any traditionally male owned car.

Erin Allard, and her bagged Subaru WRX, are most assuredly on the legit side of the scale of female relevance in the community. She says, “I would assume that most people who see my car and then see me with my boyfriend in my car think that he’s “letting” me take his car out for a spin.” And yet, when talking to her, one realizes that that assumption is far from the truth. This is a car that was bought, designed, and executed though Erin’s own imagination and hard work.

Personally, this car exists as realistic expression of the modern feminine aesthetic. The Hello Kitty decals and bright pink wheels are thankfully absent; nothing feels forced or out-of-place. And yet, the use of color, appreciation for the boutique, and other subtle details give us a look into the aspects of Erin’s identity that found their way into the car. This WRX is a real car, built with a respect for quality and a passion for excellence, that is also driven on daily basis; only this time, it happens to have a lady’s touch.

Erin wants to give a big shout out to all the guys over at Bag Riders and Matt at Wicked Innovations. She is forever indebted to her wonderful boyfriend Jesse Godin and one of her greatest friends of all time, Will Sparrow.

Editor: Andy Carter