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Canibeat’s First Class Fitment 2012 | 4MATIONMEDIA (Video)

“Canibeat always does an amazing job setting up a quality car event showcasing quality cars. First Class Fitment definitely takes the cake as one of the best car shows of the year. I was fortunate to attend again this year and here’s my little coverage video of the event. Everyone’s cars who was in the show was on point and I wish I could have filmed all of them. But I hope you all like my video and please, as always…Watch it, Like it, SHARE it!

By the way, I’ve always loved the song I used ever since I first heard it on Gran Turismo 2. If you all recognized the song, then props to you! Now I feel old knowing that I played GT2.” – Daniel Phan (4MATIONMEDIA)

The Cardigans – My Favorite Game

first class fitment 2012

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