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John Kim’s Lamborghini Gallardo (Video)

It’s not everyday that you get to see a supercar rolling down the street, but it’s rare that you get to see one on a set of over-the-top Rotiforms! This particular example, owned by my friend John Kim, is a car you just cannot miss. John’s Lamborghini Gallardo has been a car I was determined to see in person. I had originally heard about the car a couple months ago from a few friends, and had also come across it a few times scouring the web. Having already been a huge fan of the Gallardo body style, this car simply astonished me, and I know I had to shoot it. I got ahold of John and plans were arranged to meet up. Conveniently, we both were in Ocean City during the weekend of H2Oi, and we were able to step away from the crowds to get some footage. As we drove through the city, people couldn’t help but to stare, shouted as we drove by, and countless waves and thumbs up were thrown. This car looks exceptional, and I can’t wait to see what John has up his sleep for the future.

Clam’s Casino – I’m God

Below are a few photos Jared shot during the video shoot for you guys to enjoy.

lamborghini on Rotiforms (2)

lamborghini on Rotiforms (3)

lamborghini on Rotiforms (4)

lamborghini on Rotiforms (5)

  • hotrod2

    Rotoforms on a Lambo… wow that’s real innovative *yawn*

  • Daniel

    Photos and car are immaculate.

  • R1ch

    Don’t the LP-540s come with these? I guess he wanted a different offset. Still love the wheels though!

    • cristian loza

      Come with what? Rotiform wheels??

      • T

        He’s got a point… It’s always been obvious that Rotiform got the design idea for the BLQ from the original LP-540 wheel

        And for some reason now, BBS is catching flak for making the RX-R. People say it’s a knockoff Rotiform…

        • Miotke

          BBS may take flak for it but, BBS has such a legacy behind it that who cares? Rotiform made their mark amd got their fame by reping wheels like these seen in the video. Where BBS has their legacy behind what they do Rotiform doesn’t and seeing a rep of the wheel that came stock on the car is kind of ironic to see.

          Maybe I don’t get excited about seeing a super car with wheels of a different offset and color combo than what came on the car stock. :\

  • Seth

    Do my eyes deceive me? Montana plates???

    • A

      A lot of people register their high end cars in Montana for tax purposes. Also, “Mommy & Daddy Sponsored” may not apply as of today, but he certainly didn’t come up with the money to start his businesses by saving his allowance.

  • zi

    is it on air suspension?

  • pat

    what does john kim do for a living and how do i get hired?

  • Nabil Moosa

    Not everyday you see supercars?

    Habibi, come to Dubai – you’ll find enough supercars to capture on video / photos ;)

    Great post!

  • (^.^)

    Must be nice being “Mommy & Daddy Sponsored”

  • Anonymous

    No twin turbo, no care.

  • con white

    Song name pleaaase?

  • con white


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