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My Fair Lady: Elias Raygoza’s Nissan 300zx

Many times, we see something we like; and it becomes our motivation for what we do, and how we do it. Elias has owned more Honda’s than even he can count, but when he happened upon this Nissan, he couldn’t help himself but to stray from the Honda scene for a bit, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Elias’ 300zx started life as a dark shade of green, but not long after he got his hands on it, things began to take a different direction.

Aside from the aforementioned color change, this ZX has undergone quite the revival. Elias put his blood, sweat and tears into this car replacing most suspension components, including a set of coilovers and a camber kit to fit those beautiful Work Rezax II’s under the arches. At 18”x12.5” in the rear, and 18”x10.5” in the front this Nissan makes quite the contact patch with the road.

There’s a sense of accomplishment when you can say you’ve done it yourself, and Elias should be proud. All paint and bodywork was done by himself over the course of 6 months in his spare time; now that’s dedication! Fitted with a TT front bumper and a GTZ front splitter, Elias’ Nissan looks pretty damn mean coming down the road.

With all this hard work, we can tell Elias didn’t hesitate when given the opportunity to step away from his slew of Honda hatches. We can’t wait to see what’s next and we have high hopes that Elias continues this adventure with his 300zx. A big shout out goes to Patience and One & Done Clothing, as without them this car wouldn’t be where it is today!

  • Kevin

    Brickyard red? looks the same color as my s2000. sick

  • Ethan Watson

    Seriously, Patrick Kwon these shots are amazing. :ThumbsWAYup:

  • Prince-Brannon

    I’m shocked you all didn’t point out the features that are not of the norm i.e. the 350z exhaust on a 300zx requires some work to make it fit and to behonest is the first time i’ve ever seen it done.

    • Pat Kwon

      The article was actually written before he did the last minute changes on the exhaust and powder coat to gold on the rezax faces.

      I believe he was intended to get featured back in spring on this year, but was pushed due to the delay in photos.

  • Fredy

    crippled by the pictures. amazing

  • Andy

    the photos for this article are insane… i feel like i stared at each one for an hour

  • Asa

    Wow. I don’t know if the car is actually as incredible as I think it is, or if it’s just these flawless shots… nice work.

  • Jhoff

    what wood wheel is that?
    Love the color.

  • bluegolfer95


  • sicklecell

    i’m guessing it’s not a Twin Turbo.. just an NA. All show and no go?

  • Tyler

    To all who are wondering.. I saw this car in person driving down a street near where I live. It’s not simply stunning photography, it is truly gorgeous in real life. I was mesmerized by how low he was & all I heard was scraping and the sound of his mean exhaust when I saw him driving. Such a rarity to see a 300zx look this incredible. Great pics and great vehicle. Love it. Anyone who fits 12.5’s should get respect even if they don’t have a turbo build IMO.

  • Trent Bray

    LOVE the shots! Love the car too. The exterior color is perfect with the gold wheels.

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