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Straying From the Stereotype: Robert Farry’s Bagged & Boosted GTI

When most guys think of the Volkswagen scene they think of bags, roof racks and outlandish touches like sticker bombing or wheels that seem to be coated with leftover paint from a club that is home to raves. Some seem to be concerned with how low they can go instead of how their car performs, because most will say low and slow is the name of the game. Now if you think Robert was simply concerned with the low and slow life, well you’d be sadly mistaken.

GTI Rotiform (1)

GTI Rotiform (2)

GTI Rotiform (3)

GTI Rotiform (4)

This MKIV was designed to be something special for Robert. Instead of just slamming it and calling it a day he just had to add a little oomph for his buck and call by way of going with a bigger turbo for his GTI. Another challenge that Robert had to deal with is that this MKIV had previous internet fame so when he got it in his hands he knew he had to completely change the car to make it his own and not another bought not built cautionary tail.

GTI Rotiform (5)

GTI Rotiform (6)

GTI Rotiform (7)

GTI Rotiform (8)

GTI Rotiform (9)

His first step was putting the car on air to get it sitting pretty which was quickly followed by going for big boost so that he wasn’t another stereotype Volkswagen. In the end he’s got a GTI that is classy and has the performance leaving others wondering what just happened. Of course for Robert the car isn’t even close to done as next up is shaving the bay followed by a complete color change on the car. With the progress he’s made so far we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

GTI Rotiform (10)

GTI Rotiform (11)

GTI Rotiform (12)

GTI Rotiform (13)

GTI Rotiform (14)

Robert would like to thank: “My WCM family, Ryan Hall, Dustin Finely, Rotiform, Air Lift, Unitronic, ATP Turbo and USRT.”

GTI Rotiform (15)

GTI Rotiform (16)

GTI Rotiform (17)

  • mxrz

    I don’t get it… the car is bagged, poke and stretch, diagonally placed stickers on both front and back windows… looks like every second GTi I see up here in Montreal.

    • oscar

      Agreed I don’t get why they are saying it is different from the rest. Looks like every other vw on these sites, still I am not hating it is a nicely done car.

  • joe

    man i love mk4s but the reliability sucks too much for me to actually follow through with buying one hah.

  • Lee

    “bought not built cautionary TALE***”

    Favorite set of wheels EVER doe

  • Robert

    Gotta love the hate from some people.

  • J

    @Robert why is it hate when it’s true? I’ve seen dozens of cars exactly like this. Colorful Rotiform wheels included

  • nattydread


  • geoffrey rubick

    this car is not the as groundbreaking as the author assumes. its running some nice wheels and a big turbo. stance is off looking. front wjeels look lile there achieving positive camber and there is a zip tie for the hood release. janky looking bolt in intercooler piping too.

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