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Up Grade, Down Low: Scott Masterson’s 1995 Mazda Miata

During the early hours of the beautiful Saturday morning, I sat and watched the already busy street through the wide window. Gazing at all the passing vehicles and seeing the reflections of the drivers within the exterior of his canvas drew attention to how diverse and intimate this art can be. When I heard the guilty racket of scraping outside, I took a look and noticed a particular Mazda Miata outside pulling into the driveway. Parked and locked, a man walked towards the restaurant in this basic beige flannel, jeans and some classic Ray Bans. Once inside, I stood up and greeted him with a handshake and after formerly introducing ourselves, we both sat down and decided on some small talk before we emerged ourselves into the world of one man’s persistence and diligence. Scott Masterson drove all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia to spend the weekend at the infamous H2O International event in Ocean, City, Maryland and I was fortunate enough to discourse the story of both Scott himself and his beautifully built 1995 Mazda Miata over hot coffee and pancakes. Afterall, who could ask for a better breakfast conversation than that?

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There is always a hint of history when it comes to a man and his car. It’s hard to imagine a project that did not stem from a previous situation that only progressed in time. Commonly, the same prodigiously built cars we see today were once just a daily. Scott was not always cruising the streets of Virginia Beach with the masterpiece he has now. Not too long before, a slightly unappealing 1992 Miata sat in his driveway, sporting pink widened steelies, and was nothing close to motivational. The ideas that Scott envisioned were limited on the poor condition of the car. Even so, Mazda Miatas has always been on Scott’s wishlist, especially with good friend Grant Kvello, from SUMOSPEED, giving him the inspiration of what a quality Miata can be. After viewing an ad for a 1995 Mazda Miata down in Washington, D.C., Scott jumped on the highways the very next morning and the very same car spread across his screen the night before was sitting perfectly in his driveway that afternoon. With an improved palette, Scott wasted no time converting his new-found Miata from ordinary and routine to something truly exceptional.

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The concept and design Scott had for his previous Miata were quickly transferred over to the younger generation in his garage. With his wheels, suspension and a few smaller essentials already at his reach, slowly but consistently, Scott molded his Miata into what he had always conceived while still preserving the fun-factor a Miata brings to the table. Sitting upon his Stance GR+ coilovers are the sensational SSR Mk1’s in 14×9 carefully wrapped in 185/60-14 Falken 912 tires. The flat face of the wheel in contrast to the curvy body lines brings appeal that is hard to ignore. The exterior, interior and engine bay were not entirely left untouched either. From OEM side markers shipped from Japan, to the mildly tucked bay and Hard Dog 4 point roll bar, this Miata has devotedly been revamped top to bottom, inside and out.

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“I pretty much pictured it ending up exactly how it sits now.” Scott breathes of content while sipping on his coffee and ever so slightly admiring what he has spent his time, energy and money on. From disappointing hopes with his first Miata to now his pride and possession, it is evident that hard work and devotedly continuing to stride for something of a higher standard does pay off. As we wrap up our breakfasts and our interview, we both take a minute to survey the streets outside and watch the endless line of all makes and models of vehicles known. As they cruise up and down the strip, a sense of mutuality overtakes any rivalry this society tends to thrive upon. As Scott Masterson had his struggles and obstacles, so have the majority of us, if not all. For a weekend, not only are the cars the stars of the show, but people as well, as this is the place and the time to befriend new colleagues and companions. After all, a car is nothing without it’s driver and his community.

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Scott Masterson’s 1995 Mazda Miata




  • Oem Side Markers From Japan
  • Oem Short Mudguards
  • Project-g Sidefusers And G-wing
  • Oem R Lip
  • Garagestar License Plate Bracket
  • K.g. Works Trunk Spoiler
  • Slick Auto Headlight Duct
  • Hella E Code Headlights




  • Knickoff Bride Vios Iii
  • Crow 5 Point Harnesses
  • Hard Dog 4 Point Roll Bar
  • Rd Products Retro Center Console
  • Purple 150mm Bubble Shiftknob
  • Works Bell Short Hub
  • Works Bell Rapfix Ii Short Quick Release
  • 5 Panel Wink Mirror
  • Garagestar Airbag Circuit Resistors
  • Garagestar Steel Hardtop Brackets






  • 14×9 Et0 Ssr Mk1’s
  • 8mm Adaptec Spacers
  • 185/60-14 Falken 912s
  • Stance Gr+ Coilovers
  • Flyin’ Miata Front And Rear Sway Bars
  • Racing Beat End Links
  • Breaks Tie Bar
  • Gab Front Strut Bar






  • Toyota 1zz-fe Cops
  • “custom” Intake With Apexi Cone Filter, Mishimoto Radiator And Hoses
  • Garagestar Radiator Cooling Panel
  • Garagestar Dress Up Bolts
  • Studio Ski Plate
  • Mazdaspeed Motor Mounts
  • Raised Engine Roughly 1″
  • Racing Beat header
  • Magna Flow High Flow Cat
  • Custom 2.5″ Stainless Cat Back



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