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zFOUR PLAY: Manolo Valesco’s 2003 BMW Z4 3.0i

As the sun sat on a beautiful day in Ocean City, Maryland, I (Kevin Elevin) tagged along with Dan Crosley (Someguyphotography) to shoot Manolo Valesco’s neck breaking 2003 BMW Z4 3.0i.

Another year of H2o goes right by again. Per usual there was a lot of new cars and new faces. If you didn’t go or haven’t been to H2o, you haven’t experienced the life that keeps going all day through the night. There are too many cars to keep track of and not enough publicity they need to capture everything. However, here is one ride that is getting the acknowledgement it needs.


After the actual show I met up SomeguyPhotography (Dan Crosley), who invited me to join and shoot this beautiful 2003 BMW Z4 3.0i. A BMW Z4 that made the trek all the way from Ontario, Canada.

Everything was perfect about this car, wheels, fitment, and the maintenance. I have seen this car in previous videos and photos of h2oi, but never in person. The owner of this incredibly beautiful car is Manolo Velasco.

Manolo has been driving around his Z4 for a good 5 years. He rides on a fully custom air system that he built, fully custom front strut mounts, bag over coil setup front, all on top of a staggered set of schmidt th lines (17×9.5 front 215/35/17, 17×10.5 rear 245/35/17).

Keeping it classy, Manolo also has a wood grain steering wheel as a brilliant finishing touch.

It’s always enjoyable to see something unique and even more exciting to have the opportunity to share it. I loved having the benefit to shoot this car and hopefully you will enjoy the shots just as much!


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