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A Look Back: First Class Fitment 2012: Official Photo Coverage

For the third year in a row, our annual First Class Fitment meet at Princeton Airport has been a successful bookend to the East Coast show circuit. The event is organized as an invitational showcase for the best examples of the fitment scene on this side of the Mississippi, and the key draw for this show has always been a concentrated diversity that simply doesn’t exist in other events. First Class Fitment is a manifestation of Canibeat’s commitment to bringing our readers the largest variety of cars in our community crammed into a single day of food, music, friends, and feature-worthy cars

While the show is obviously geared more for our readers, the various tasks needed to make FCF happen allow for the largest gathering of Canibeat staff and friends for the year.  So in the background of the cars and music, there is a homecoming happening that brings together a group of people that spend the rest of the year e-mailing, texting, and calling to make the site tick, rarely having any face-to-face contact.  And that is what’s amazing about our modern era, that a group of rag-tag writers, photographers, and all round nice guys and girls can come together in synergy with various perspectives and opinions of this scene.  This collection of images, therefore, hopefully will give you a glimpse of our own personal favorite cars and moments of the day.

Chris Sempek, a photographer from Richmond, VA contends, “. Since it first started in 2010 I have been snapping away and trying out new tricks to bring a different style of coverage to the meet. . . and I feel this year in 2012 I have reached the images I truly wanted. First Class Fitment is my favorite meet in the country and I will be back each year to capture the cars and enjoy the meet with my friends.”

first class fitment 2012 (1)

Alexander Nieves’ NSX sitting pretty on Work Meisters. One of our two booth cars for the day.

first class fitment 2012 (2)

Mark Enriquez’s Evo X on Rotiform Race TMB’s. You guys might remember we featured this car not too long ago. Our second booth car for the day along side Alexander’s NSX. Both repping Xclusiv: Alliance and from Virginia!

first class fitment 2012 (3)

Our good buddy Miro and his S2000 representing his shop Jsutai.

first class fitment 2012 (4)

Another view of Miro’s S2000. This thing was awarded best fitment last year at First Class Fitment 2011. We really love the new finish on the SSRs and the new vinyl decals this year.

first class fitment 2012 (5)

first class fitment 2012 (6)

The Jsutai Chevy Cruze project car

first class fitment 2012 (7)

The other Jsutai s2000 that you’ll see along side with Miro’s s2000 at most shows.

first class fitment 2012 (8)

Andrey Sokolov’s bagged Lexus SC300 from Maryland. Look at that fitment!

first class fitment 2012 (9)

Robert Langelier’s E30 and his fresh new brown paint job. You guys might remember we featured this thing back in May when it was teal.

first class fitment 2012 (10)

first class fitment 2012 (11)

first class fitment 2012 (12)

Manolo Valesco’s BMW Z4 3.0i looking gorgeous as always! One can never go wrong with a set of TH Lines!

first class fitment 2012 (13)

Rodolfo Lamaestra’s yellow RS4 sitting on a set of fresh Concave Rotiform SJC’s.

first class fitment 2012 (14)

Jay’s static Subaru Wagon sitting very nicely on Work Equips. We awarded this thing best static fitment. I’m sure you can see why.

first class fitment 2012 (15)

first class fitment 2012 (16)

Vinny Castrogivanni’s MK5 GLI Fahrenheit “tucking pretty”. You may recall Jess Kang shot this beauty for us in August. Check out the feature if you haven’t already!

first class fitment 2012 (17)

The Vraceworks NYC Civic made it out.

first class fitment 2012 (18)

Scotty’s G35x

first class fitment 2012 (19)

first class fitment 2012 (20)

One of a kind Spyder. You don’t see many of these around!

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  • Mikleiel

    Excellent event. Excellent coverage. Many thanks all around! BTW, can anyone I.D. the wheels on the white Jetta Wagon?

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